Escape the Heat! 7 days trip from New York City to Burlington over the July 4 Weekend.

7-Days/365 miles/18,215 ft of elevation gain through New York State, Massachusetts and Vermont.
Sat, Jun 30, 2018 - 8:00am to Sat, Jul 7, 2018 - 10:00pm

Ready for Summer challenge but don’t want to pack up your bike? Join us for a 7-day trip from New York City (the Bronx) North to Burlington, VT. Celebrate America's 242nd year of independence with a week long bike trip exploring some of the most beautiful scenery of the USA.

This advanced-moderate to advanced ride is not for the faint of heart.

It traverses three New England states, with a solid elevation gain over the 6 riding days.

Our final destination is the gorgeous Burlington, Vermont, where we will explore for a full 24+ hours before returning to the city.
The daily trip mileage will range from 50 to 70 miles with an average elevation of over 3,000ft per day.

Saturday, June 30, 2018 (51.1miles, +3,179ft)
We meet at Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, drop off luggage at the van, and cycle up to Fishkill, NY. Mile-by-mile leaving behind the heat of the city and the traffic.

Sunday, July 1, 2018 (68.3 miles, +3,318ft)
We cycle past the “other side” of Poughkeepsie in upstate New York, pass through quiet and somewhat hilly farmlands that warm us up for the Vermont hills. We stay overnight in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Monday, July 2, 2018 (58.3 miles, +2,464ft)
The route takes us into the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts, passing through Lenox and North Adams where the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) is located. We may have a small group leaving early that morning to have a short MASS MoCa visit before arriving in Bennington, VT.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018 (56.8 miles, +2,393 ft)
The most beautiful and challenging day of the trip will include some serious climbs when we are passing through Vermont’s Green Mountains. We pass through Manchester to arrive that night in Rutland, VT.

Wednesday July 4, 2018 (66.5 miles,+3,480ft)
We are coasting along the edges of the Granville State Reservation Park, parallel to the Mad River. The climbs are more gentler than the previous day. We are celebrating July 4 in Waterbury, VT. Let’s see if we can find some local BBQ and some pies.

Thursday July 5, 2018 (64 miles, +3,381ft)
Our Last Cycling Day! And with one more killer climb at State Mansfield Park by Stowe, VT, we arrive that night in Burlington, VT, where great beer and Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream awaits.

Friday July 6, 18.
We made it! Chilling out in Burlington, VT. Wave at Bernie Sanders, take a Brew Tour, dine at farm-to-table restaurants and explore the city. If you feel adventurous, explore the Lake Champlain Island and the Champlain Coast Wine Trail. The ferry can also take you to Kent for a day. Just make sure you get back for Saturday morning!

Saturday, July 7, 2018
Everything has to come to an end. We are making our way back home via Amtrak. Our bikes are packed in a van that two of the leaders are driving back and meeting us at Penn Station for pick-up when Amtrak pulls into the station.

What is included

  • Hotel room (double-occupancy)
  • Breakfast
  • Snacks (Laid out at breakfast, Includes power bars and fruits)
  • SAG van to transport luggage/bags. SAG does not include transport for rainy days.
  • One-way return bike transport from Burlington to NYC.
  • Amtrak ticket to NYC (coach class)
  • RidewithGPS files and cue sheets
  • 4-6 leaders

What is NOT included

  • Lunch/Dinners
  • Tip for the hotel cleaning staff
  • Admission for activities/shopping along the route or in Burlington

Nathalie Pham, Chris DeMeo, Elyssa Respaut, Holly Campbell

Dates, Cost, Registration

Saturday, June 30, 2018 from Van Cortlandt Park, Bronx.
Saturday, July 7, 2018 arriving at New York Penn Station (31st Street/8th Avenue)

Deadlines: March 1, 2018
Early Bird Special: $1,095

Deadlines: April 1, 2018
Regular Price: $1,295

Similar trips hosted through other bicycle companies cost over $3,000 per person.


This year registration will be via Eventbrite. As part of registering with Eventbrite we will capture all your personal information for the trip. 


  • It is an advanced ride where decent physical fitness and good road bike handling is required.
  • Mountain and hybrid bikes are not allowed on this ride because of the challenging nature.

Ride requirements

With over 8,000 combined miles from previous tours, the 5BBC leaders want to ensure that everyone who registers and pays for the trip has a memorable experience.

  • If you have not ridden with any of the leaders on this trip and have no leader from the 5BBC that can vouch for your skill level, please email your a link to past riding history, including daily mileage and elevation gain, to so we can evaluate your ability to make the trip.
  • Join some spring training rides with any of the leaders listed above. Let them know you’re interested in the Burlington trip and we will evaluate your ability on the ride.
  • You must be signed up as a Member of the 5BBC to join this ride.

Cancellation Policy

  • The 5BBC does not refund any trips if you have to cancel out of any reason. In the past, if a person had to cancel, the leaders helped with emailing the wait list and hoping someone would take the tripper’s place. While this has worked in the past, it is no guarantee that it will work in the future & that someone will take your place on the trip.
  • If you are concerned about getting reimbursed in case of a work or family emergency, there are various travel insurances that reimburse trip costs due to unforeseen situations. They tend to be reasonably priced.

For Registered Trippers

  • We will make accessible a YouTube Channel that includes cycling training videos, and how-to’s
  • Email a list of what to pack (especially helpful for new trippers who have never been on a touring trip).
  • An email with all of the ride with GPS files for each day.

During the Trip

Hotel Accommodations+Roommates

  • We will try to accommodate all roommate requests. Make sure you indicate your roommate name on the registration form that will be sent out upon payment.
  • Otherwise, we will match you based on your sleeping and rooming preferences that we will collect confidentially in the registration form. We will consider things such as if you are a light sleeper, early riser, snorer etc.


  • We will be cycling through more rural areas, where we have less hotel and dining options. We are working to accommodate carnivores as much as vegetarians. In some cases, we may find vegan food options. But we are going through smaller towns with less options and some flexibility for strict diets could be required.
  • If you have specific food needs beyond vegetarian, make sure to inform the leaders and be prepared to pack food, which we can carry on the SAG van.

Riding Speed and Groups

  • We are planning for a moderate-advance group averaging 12-14 mph and a Quickspin Light group averaging 15-16 mph.
  • Like the Boston trip, the tripper can also opt out of the group rides and go solo or with a friend. We do ask them to join Geozilla or another location-tracking device on their phone so that we are able to track them.
  • The tripper can switch groups throughout the day, or go off on their own, as long as they inform their leaders.

Weather, Road Conditions and Route Changes:

  • Be prepared to ride in rain. The SAG van is for luggage and emergencies only.
  • Before we leave, we may need to change the route due to road conditions, hotel changes, pie locations, etc. We may also make tweaks to the route and will inform all trippers beforehand. The mileage will not significantly increase. We just want to make it more awesome!

About the Leaders

Chris DeMeo
I started riding as an avid mountain biker when I was a College student in Western Massachusetts. I got into road cycling about 3 years ago, and have since had some exciting adventures. I have ridden the Vermont Gran Fondo, the NYC Century, the 5BBC NYC to Boston ride, and had many adventures riding in the New York and New Jersey area. I am a Leader with the 5BBC, and love to introduce riders to the little-known parts of our great city!
My Riding Philosophy: Its more about the journey than the destination with cycling. Some of the most amazing things I have come across while riding are ones I just happened upon along the way. Things I would have never even known existed if I hadn’t explored that dirt road, or talked to someone in a small town. Enjoy the Ride!

Nathalie Pham
Escapes the city with her bicycles to go solo touring for multiple weeks across Ireland, Canada, and joined Adventure Cyclists for Alaska and Virginia to Missouri covering 1,200 miles in 1 month. She has led advanced moderate rides for the 5BBC outside NYC.
Her touring and cycling philosophy: “I have met amazing people on every tour. And could have not met them any other way. Regarding hill -never look beyond your wheel. Hill tops are scary and they will keep on coming. Staring at them will not make them go away. "

Holly Campbell
As native New Yorker , I’ve been riding the mean streets since the days before bike lanes were even a glimmer in the DOT’s eyes. Later, I got used to being a utility cyclist while living in Zurich, Switzerland. But the purchase of my first road bike in 2012 was the beginning of the most exciting chapter in my cycling career. Previous rides never took me any distance from the subway, for fear of the dreaded “mechanical”. Joining the 5BBC and becoming a Leader allowed me to explore places beyond my wildest dreams, not to mention meet some amazing people. So, day trips? Century rides? Supported multi-day rides. Yes to all!
Her touring and cycling philosophy: Unfortunately "Just do it" is copyrighted! However, that about sums it up. There is nothing like cycling to allow you to meld together your abilities, interests, imagination, and fortitude like a multiple day group ride. Though the trip may be planned out perfectly, expectations will never match the experience. And isn't that the point?

Elyssa Respaut
Loves her bicycles so much that she cycled self-supported from Virginia to Oregon in 2016 covering 4500 miles in 3 months. Her trusty bicycle also accompanied her to live in Spain. Before her touring and Spanish adventures she has led day and single overnight trips with the 5BBC.
Her touring and cycling philosophy: “Every day is a new day, new experiences are to be had and new people are to be meet. Always keep an open mind for the possibilities are endless.If you want to get somewhere fast there are other modes of transportation, if you want to really see places you've been a million times, bicycle through it. While I love exploring this way, it's a style you have to mentally prepare for. You may be cold and wet and sore and go to bed before the sun has set only to wake up the next more while it's still dark, still sore and soon to be cold and wet again to keep going. No one can ride the bike for you, but the toughest times and experiences are the ones you remember.”

Lodging Options: 
Transportation Options: