Tour de Bronx

Ride the TdeBx with 5BBC compadres
Ride the TdeBx with 5BBC compadres
Sunday, October 28, 2018 - 09:45

10.27.18 UPDATE

I've noticed that only some of our 5BBC Eventbrite registrants received their email with routes & latest info from the organizer.  So I've sentall of our group that email thru our 5BBC website email (but the links don't come across as executable) and attached the 25 mile route sheet below in this ride listing (pls print/bring, plus ticket. Best, Susan


We meet at 9:30AM to at the latest, 9:45AM (firm!) inside the northernmost end of the Joyce Kilmer Park, near as possible to the kid playground with 3 green turrets. That park parallels GC 161-164 streets with multiple entrances; walk your bike through.  If the park is closed off, we'll meet on N side of 164 St. betw. GC and Walton Ave. The 25 mile route starts 10:30 AM (the 40 mile group at 10:15AM).  FYI, restrooms (yeah .. portosan types) will be 164-165 Sts GC; expect lines so leave plenty of time in advance of meetup. Start line is Grand Concouse @ 161st Street, with entrance to the corral at 165th St/GC. There will be masses of people, though; 10k can register, plus all the hoople of the event. So don't count on slicing through and finding us at the last minute. We will move out from own gathering location to the start zone soon after our 9:45AM meetup. Leader Susan Rodetis has picked up 14 bibs, for the riders listed last night and to whom an email was sent on Wed. confirming the bib pickup.  Bibs will be distributed 9:30-45AM ride morning. Do NOT count on reaching leaders at the last minute after 9:45AM; it will be a mob scene, so be sure to arrive in time.

Howard Hall       Susan Rodetis


EVENT This is a terrific, FREE, annual event celebrating a less traveled borough of The Big Apple, and we're forming a small group to ride the 25 mile distance.  The route is fun and diverse over bike lanes, bike trails, NYC streets, and the myriad of settings those bring up.  Plus it's pretty durn FLAT with only 600'ish altitude gain over our entire course.  And there's a fun finish line festival in Bronx Botanical Gardens (plus Arthur Ave section is a short bike hop away!).

Our event route easy pedaling with at times lots of other cyclists around us, so definitely, good riding and bike handling skills required, as are comfort riding in a flow of cyclists and awareness of quickly changing situations along the route  Pace will be dictated by safety and volume/flow as will how much "groupness" we have at any point in time. So this will not be a traditional, tight-packed group ride,  but we'll do our best as we travel to be aware of our group, plus have pre-defined meetups along the way.    


GROUP SIZE LIMITED:  We are limiiting our own 5BBC group to 15 riders plus 2 leaders, but please get advance clearance to join us. So before you register on 5BBC's page for the 5BBC part of the ride, if you have not riden this year with either of our leaders, quick like a bunny email S. Rodetis with some info on what rides you have done or typically do, for clearance (we aim to assure group is matched well and safe together).  Of course, one can always do the event on your own or with other friends.. "just do it" . .to coin that famous advertising phrase. And be sure to register asap for the TdeBx part!  Here's the event organizer's link:   And registration link:

DRESS FOR SUCCESS  We're on whatever the weather, unless it's unsafe to ride (in which case, an email will go out to all our registered riders that morning by 8AM). But be mindful of and dress for the weather, layering well  . . plus for sure to use BRIGHT clothing which make it easier to see one another (does anyone have a roll of bright construction tape we can tie onto our helmets as a streamer so we get quick group recognition and it's easier to spot each other while riding?) And just in case, print/bring your Eventbrite ticket.  Bibs must be worn during the ride, and for admission to the Finish Line festival at the Botanical Gardens.

BIB PICKUP  Available 7AM event day at 161/GC, plus multiple days in advance (event-registered riders receive emails from Eventbrite re. the many times and days for pickup at 851 GC courthouse.





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