Day Rides

Sat, Feb 23, 2019

Central Jersey Half Century (Scout)

Come and help me explore a new route, and see some amazing NJ/PA scenery


50 miles / Advanced Moderate / Start Location TBD

THIS IS A SCOUT RIDE. We might have to go off cue, take a detour, or maybe even find a cool restaraunt worth changing the route for! 


This is a 50 mile ride through the wonderful back roads of Central Jersey and PA. we will be taking the NJ Transit to Raritan, and riding through the countryside to Lambertville, where we will cross the Deleware river into New Hope, PA. we'll stay on in the Keystone State for a bit, and then Cross back into NJ at the very historic, Washington Crossing. from there we wil head back up into NJ, where... more

Brooklyn to Jamaica Estates with Jackson Diner Lunch Stop

Pre-Spring Training Urban Riding


35ish miles / Moderate / Starting at Grand Army Plaza, Prospect Park

Join us for a fun urban tour from Brooklyn through Central Queens to the somewhat isolated enclave of Jamaica Estates. Ride through diverse, ever-changing and unique neighborhoods along the way and enjoy a later lunch stop at everyone's favorite Indian Buffet, Jackson Diner.  Just the place to warm up your Winter riding.   Bring snacks, since it is a later lunch, a lock, sufficient hydration, money for the Jackson Diner Buffet and an upbeat inquisitive attitude. This is a 35ish miles, moderate pace ride with urban hills in places, just whatyou need to jumpstart your spring training.  ... more

Sun, Feb 24, 2019

The Great Pancake Ride FB#? Who's counting?

A Warm Place(Friends) on a Winters Day(Almost)


25ish miles / Happy Face / Starting at City Hall

Winter's almost done. And one of the most enduring rides is the Pancake Ride. Perhaps you missed the one in December? Okay, so maybe you don't have pancakes. The diner is full of everything that's good for your soul if not for your waistline. The pies and the layer cakes are fantastic. That's if you have room. It's an easy ride. We let the PATH train do the hilly parts.Ride our bikes to the Broadway Diner in Bayonne. Eat lunch and wend our way back along the shore to Jersey City. Then, we'll take the PATH back to the WTC. So, grab your bike, hold tight to your friends and your memories and... more

Year of the Pig

Fllushing Chinatown


30 miles / Moderate / Starting at Grand Army Plaza, Prospect Park

GUNG HAY FAT CHOY !   Happy Year of the Pig.  To celebrate Chinese New Years, we are riding to Flushing Chinatown to "pig out" in Classic 5BBC Style.  The route takes up through the heart of Queens and we will ride along the Worlds Fair Marina for some wonderful water views.  Lunch will be at a favorite Cantonese Restaurant on Prince Street.  Bring your love of the season - and of course a good lock.

Please register on line for this ride.  Check the FB page and Website for any weather related cancellations or delays.


Sat, Mar 2, 2019

Spring Training Series - Hicksville


30ish miles / Moderate / Starting at Cunningham Park

This weekend we start our Spring Training Series with our traditional opener. Ready to get back to riding and shake off the winter cobwebs?  Not in shape yet for a major bike event? Doing a long weekend trip?  That's OK, neither are we. Start getting back into shape, sharing fun rides with the friendliest Club.  Bring lightweight bike lock and lunch money. Must be able to keep a 12mph pace on the flats.   Lunch at the famous Empire Diner!


Sun, Mar 3, 2019

Art and Graffiti in New Rochelle Via The Bronx

NRNY is the new campaign for New Rochelle New York - come see what's New AND OLD in New Rochelle


20-30-40-50-60 miles / Happy Face / Starting at Columbus Circle

New Rochelle has some amazing history - too vast to cover in one ride.

I have stumbled upon a treasure trove of history and will share it with you on this and future rides I plan to lead that explore this great town (where I happen to live these days) - one of the original "suburbs". So original, in fact, that while Carl Reiner lived here writing and performing on Sid Caesar's show of shows in the 50's, it became the prototype for The Dick Van Dyke show, which Carl wrote, and where Rob and Laura Petrie lived. We may even ride on the street they lived on. And pass a few other famous... more

West Englewood

Spring Training Series


25 miles / Moderate / Starting at Dinosaur Playground

It's time to clean the cobwebs off your bike, shake off those winter doldrums, and start getting into shape for a year of healthful and enjoyable bicycle riding. To help you keep your resolutions, your bicycle club offers a Spring Training Series with rides that increase in distance, pace, and difficulty. We start with this short ride at a gentle 12 mph pace. There will be one significant hill (it is, after all, a training ride) but there is no shame in taking it s-l-o-w at the beginning of the season and we will wait for you at the top. Lunch is at a kosher vegetarian restaurant in... more

Sat, Mar 9, 2019

Sea Cliff Plus

Spring Training Version


45 miles / Advanced Moderate / Starting at Cunningham Park

Sea Cliff is a quaint North Shore enclave that was a former retreat. Come join us for an early spring training ride that gives just the right amount of climbs to get us back in shape.  We will ride there using some back roads (including a very short dirt road most will walk) and side streets in Sea Cliff itself, stopping at the cliff park overlooking the Long Island Sound. But as the ride title says, it is Sea Cliff plus, and from Sea Cliff, we will head further and ride by the Welwyn Preserve and by a hidden Glen Cove beach before making our way back the long way eventually on Wheatly and... more

Sun, Mar 10, 2019

Spring Training Series - Sands Point


40 miles / Moderate / Starting at Cunningham Park

Keep the training going with a ride to one of the Quieter spots to visit on the North Shore of Long Island. This ride provides training and scenery. Get ready for spring  and keep training with Us.  Bring a lightweight bike lock, extra tubes and money for lunch.


Sat, Mar 16, 2019

Almost Bayville - A Winter’s Ride for Artisanal Pizza



43 miles / Advanced Moderate / Starting at Cunningham Park

We're going almost all the way with a North Shore ride to just short of Bayville, Long Island. This is a 40-mile moderately-paced ride, with hills. Our destination is The Red Tomato for wood-fired Neapolitan-style artisanal pizza. We start from Cunningham Park. Slightly more miles before lunch to work up an appetite. Bring the usual: 2 water bottles of liquids; a snack for mid-morning, light lock, spare tube, a road bike for those hills, helmet, and a smile. Spring is almost here! 


Sun, Mar 17, 2019

Northvale Diner (Spring Training Ride)

Pushing it to the next level - you CAN do this!


40+ miles / Advanced Moderate / Starting at Columbus Circle

One of our favorite destinations and a fun training ride.  It's a little longer & hillier than last week but scenic. A really good lunch stop (love those pancakes) in Northvale, NJ. Don't miss this ride. Bring lightweight bike lock, money for lunch and a great inquisitive attitude. 

Sat, Mar 23, 2019

Spring Training Series - Hicksville


30ish miles / Moderate / Starting at Cunningham Park

This weekend we continue our Spring Training Series. We go back to Hicksville for those who are starting their training a bit later.  Ready to shake the winter cobwebs? Going on a weekend trip?  Not in shape yet for a  major bike event?  That's OK, we will get you ready.  Start getting back into shape, sharing fun rides with the friendliest Club.  Bring lightweight bike lock and lunch money. Must be able to maintain a 12mph pace on the flats. Lunch at the Empire Diner.

Sat, Mar 30, 2019


A Spring Training Fun Ride


35 miles / Moderate / Start Location TBD

The 5BBC spring training series continues with a ride to the hamlet of Hartsdale located in Westchester County between the better-known municipalities of Scarsdale and White Plains. We meet at Dinosaur Playground, Riverside Drive at 97th Street. Photo op at the High Bridge. Lunch is at the reasonably priced and descriptively named Bagels deli in Hartsdale. Another photo op at the Scarsdale waterfall. Return via the pretty Bronx River Greenway also known for low bridges, so when you hear the leader yell "duck!" it's not about waterfowl. 

Start: Dinosaur Playground, Riverside Drive at... more

Coney Island Pizza Ride

Train for the 5BBT


25 miles / Happy Face / Starting at Grand Army Plaza, Prospect Park

Let's ride along the Brooklyn waterfront to our favorite Pizza place - Totonno's.  

This is a great ride for new members and those of you who wish to begin your training for the 5BBT.

After lunch we meander through Sheepshead Bay and Manhattan Beach before heading back.

Bring a lock and money for lunch. 

 Rain at start cancels.


Sun, Mar 31, 2019

Lost and Found Synagogues and Cemeteries of MANHATTAN

Great way to start your spring training with many drop off points


10-20 miles / Happy Face / Starting at City Hall

We will hit a number of buildings that once were synagogues and now are something else. And some that still are synagogues! There are some small cemeteries of note as well as one larger one worth seeing and hearing the sweeps scintilating stories of some of the people within them.  nish the circuit!  This ride is perfect for those who are training for the 5 Boro Bike Tour  

Old Field Lighthouse Plus

A New Spring Training Ride


40-45 miles / Advanced Moderate / Start Location TBD

This is a new ride (second offering) and a ride not to be missed.  We meet in the large main parking lot at the Ronkonkoma LIRR on the south side, near the ticket machines.  We have listed a 10:30 start, but will update this once the LIRR finalizes schedule for when trains leave from the City.   

The ride makes its way from Ronkonkoma north by Stony Brook, to the historic Setaukic area and up around scenic Strong’s Neck. From there we head over and then up to Old Field Lighthouse and then down to some real hills by Head of the Harbor and then south before making our way back to the... more