Purim Shpeeler Circle Manhattan 2-Wheeler

RAIN FORECAST UNTIL PAST NOON - Come to Social! Get Hamantashen there!
RAIN FORECAST UNTIL PAST NOON - Come to Social! Get Hamantashen there!
Sunday, February 25, 2018 - 10:00

RAIN FORECAST UNTIL PAST NOON - Come to Social Wed 2/28 6pm-9pm ! Get Hamantashen there!


HAMANTASHEN Included for those of you who register!! (If you don't know what these are - you really won't regret signing up for this ride).

aka: Start Spring Training Early and Easy, A few Synagogues, a few Hamantashen , a tradition!

It is the Jewish holiday of Purim next week so what better way to celebrate the start of spring training (yes, it's just around the corner!) than to run an updated version of the Lost and Found Synagogues ride. We will see only a few at the start and end of this ride - it is being optimized so you can start and have 10, 15, 20 or 25 miles of mostly "Straightaway" riding around the circumference of Manhattan to begin  your season and get back into the swing of things on your bike.

This will be mostly a Moderate ride as we start at City Hall and make our way north along the East side and over to Inwood where we find a few buildings that used to be synagogues and are now serving other purposes. We will then come down the west side Greenway and finish in the Lower East Side checking out a few synagogues and one of many great places available for a "nosh" aka Yiddish for FOOD!

PS - the ride starts a bit later so that you can come after having your breakfast. You can expect to wind up in the LES for a later lunch say in the 1:30pm-2:30pm time range, depending on how the ride progresses. 

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