Scenic ride to Piermont & Nyack

Snow, rain, or temp/wind chill below -6 C. will result in cancellation. If unsure, call or text the leaders
Snow, rain, or temp/wind chill below -6 C. will result in cancellation. If unsure, call or text the leaders
Sunday, January 14, 2018 - 09:00

Weather Update: please dress to stay WARM & DRY. Face masks, mittens, boots, wool socks, scarves are strongly recommended. Do you have a ski suit in the back of your closet? Have hand warmers, foot warmer packs? Chapstick? Bring them! Don’t forget to protect your face; better yet, wear a face mask and glasses to keep the wind at bay. We revised our speed estimate and will ride between 12-14mph. DRESS for WARMTH, not for speed.

Join us on scenic ride through the Palisades Interstate Park as we travel to the Pier on the Hudson in Piermont, followed by Hook Mountain State Park in Nyack. There will be time to eat in Piermont or Nyack, as well as see the superb bike shops there. 

Palisades Interstate Park is very hilly. Road bikes are strongly suggested.

Helmets are always required. Mittens or Gloves are required, along with two spares, pump or CO2, snacks, & a full water bottle.

We don't expect to ride north above 14mph, but we may return at that pace. We will likely meander through Palisades Park. If you are unable or unwilling to ride to Nyack, we can re-connect with you in Piermont later on. Miles: 64.7 mi Elevation: 4118 ft

Rain or snow at the start of the ride or a grim forecast will result in cancellation of the ride. If you have any questions about this ride, please email me before the ride day by 7pm or text me anytime: 9175013095. We will meet next to the drinking fountain at the northern end of Chelsea Piers by 23rd st near the public restrooms. (If you arrive very early, please warm up inside, near the bathrooms.)

Phone batteries do not like this weather. We recommend that you keep your phone in an inside pocket. We will provide you with a cue sheet.

If you wish to join this ride Uptown, or on NJ side of GWB, please contact me ahead of time.

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