Smiling Hogshead Ranch - Harvest Festival

Saturday, October 21, 2017 - 10:30

Hidden along the urban detritus of Skillman Avenue, the Smiling Hogshead Ranch is hidden in plain view.  You have likely passed by it and were not even aware of its existence.  The Ranch is an Urban Farm that started as a "Guerilla Garden."   The name was inspired by a pig skeleton that was found in the early days of the farm.  The land was an unoccupied, unused and unloved parcel owned by the LIRR.  Eventually, the railroad caught on and they were busted.   But impressed with the concept, the LIRR worked  with the Ranch and gave them a lease and a future. The 5BBC was there for the ribbon cutting ceremony a few years back.  We are rejoining our friends to celebrate the end of the 2017 growing season with entertainment, food and drink.  Join with the 5BBC and these intrepid urban farmers.

The ride itself is an 18 mile romp through both residential and industrial areas of Brooklyn and Queens.  Please register for this ride on the website, and check the website and fb page for any weather related issues.  Bring the usual spare tube, lock, and money.  


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Happy Face
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