Late Season Ride to Montauk - A Montauk Half Century

Friday Evening Update - Ride is Cancelled Due to Weather
Friday Evening Update - Ride is Cancelled Due to Weather
Saturday, October 14, 2017 - 10:15

FRIDAY EVENING UPDATE: Unfortunately, the ride is cancelled.  The forecast continues to get worse and intermittent showers and rain are expected throughout the ride and the last thing we want is to get on the train back in wet clothes.  Come join the North Fork ride on the 29th  


FRIDAY MORNING UPDATE: Hi folks, please check back here late Friday night or before you leave on Saturday. The various forecasts have changed again and all expect some showers tomorrow, though they don't agree on the extent. Ugh. Since folks have to leave early tomorrow to get to Hampton Bays, I will make a decision Friday night (maybe late Friday) on what to do though after speaking with a few folks who are riding, no one is interested in riding in even intermittent showers and then getting on a train with some degree of wet. Did that on 2013 Montauk Century and it was uncomfortable for many .  

Let's head out east for a late season ride from Hampton Bays to Montauk, a Montauk Half Century.  The ride will meet at 10:15 AM at the Hampton Bays LIRR station parking lot.  The start time allows folks time to get out there by car and carpools or via the LIRR, which has a train arriving just before 10:00. One can take a 7:42 train from Penn Station or a 7:43 train from Atlantic terminal, that require transfer at Jamaica for a train that leaves at 8:10 to Hampton Bays on the Montauk line. 

The ride is 50, mostly scenic, miles, including some beautiful areas by East Hampton and the fun rolling hills on Old Montauk Highway with some great views towards the ocean.  Ride is advanced moderate as we will keep a steady pace, but won't overly rush as we aim to get to Montauk in time for a stop at the Montauk Brewery before taking the 5:35 LIRR train from Montauk.  Riders may take the LIRR back to Hampton Bays to pick up cars, or may ride all the way back to Jamaica, Penn, Atlantic Terminal, or stations in between. 

IMPORTANT RIDE REQUIREMENTS:  you must register for the ride AND contact me directly in order to participate. This is necessary to coordinate lots of logistic, including how many bikes will be on the return train. Feel free to contact me with questions.  If you have a car and can take someone (or more than one person) and their bike, PLEASE, PLEASE CONTACT ME, as we have folks who would like to get a ride out and/or back) to Hampton Bays.

Please bring the usual for your bike as well as snacks and lunch or money for a lunch stop. Please also bring plenty of water, money for the train and an upbeat inquisitive attitude.

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Advanced Moderate
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