Westport, Redding, Easton Loop

Technical Training Ride Series
Technical Training Ride Series
Saturday, May 20, 2017 - 08:45

Due to a Thursday train derailment and massive delays on the CT train line we are cancelling this training ride.

Ready for the last spring challenge?! There is a reason why Connecticut is known for its hills.  We are cycling past gorgeous mansions, stunning beaches to climb up into the lush greenery.  After this ride, next week's NYC to Boston trip will be easy for you.  

We may break off in smaller groups based on speed.  Be super comfortable with a cuesheet+speedometer, RidewithGPS or Garmin to navigate this route.

Speed Variable. Road bikes only.

Snack Stops: Starbucks at 13.4 mile, Lunch Box at 34.1 mile, Peter’s Weston Market at 50.9 mile.

Where we will meet:  Grand Central Terminal at 8:45am,  Train Time: 9:02 am to Westport (New Haven Line)

Tickets: Roundtrip to Westport, CT + MTA Bike Pass

Ride Link: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/15948116

Ride Stats: 60.6 miles/+3,797 ft elevation gain


Technical Training Skills

Group Pacing:

The rides will NOT feature point-drop-sweep. We will cycle as a small coherent group with NO DROPS.  We may break into even smaller groups that have different paces (speed). The goal is for you to find your comfort zone (speed) that you can consistently maintain for 50 miles. Breaks & snacks should be taken with your group.

It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for everyone on the trip to install Geozilla on their phone (and ensure their phone is not in airplane mode)! There are instructions below on how to get Geozilla for your phone. At the end of the trip the leaders will wait for all groups at the train station.

You need to be comfortable using RidewithGPS, Garmin, or reading a cue sheet and tracking it with your speedometer.

We ask you that you use Geozilla so the leaders can track you for the ride.  Make sure you download Geozilla on your smartphone BEFORE the ride and have it set up and working.

​The day before the ride we will send an email to all registered riders with the circle # to join for this ride.

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.carrotrocket.geozilla&hl=en

iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gps-locator-by-geozilla-find/id981856216?mt=8

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Quick Spin Light
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