Bike the Branches

How many of the 60 Library Branches in Brooklyn Can we Get to???
How many of the 60 Library Branches in Brooklyn Can we Get to???
Saturday, May 20, 2017 - 09:45

Bike the Branches is a one-day bike extravaganza that celebrates and supports Brooklyn Public Library’s 60 neighborhood library branches. From 10am – 5pm, participants bike throughout Brooklyn and visit as many libraries as they can, getting a passport book stamped at each stop. At the end of the day, prizes (including a Brompton bike!) will be awarded to the adults and children who visited the most branches.

In addition to a fun bike ride, Bike the Branches is a borough-wide party. Every library branch hosts family-friendly activities on the day of the event, and from 3 – 7pm, everyone is invited to enjoy live music, Smorgasburg food vendors and a Sixpoint Brewery Beer Garden at Central Library’s Block Party. Register here and hold off registering directly as we are waiting to hear back if they will give us a group discount.

Please register for this ride as I will get whatever benefits I can from this event for us but will need to give them a number so don't be upset if you don't get something that those who register receive. No promise of anything, but I am in discussion with them. I will be developing a route through Brooklyn that hits as many libraries in as short a time and distance as possible. 

10-15 miles
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