Gun Hill Brewery

A Friday Night Social Ride
A Friday Night Social Ride
Friday, April 21, 2017 - 18:30

Yes - we have all been doing a lot of training these days.  Training rides.  Technical Training rides.  It's time to relax and have a beer or two with some pals.  This 14 mile one way ride starts from Columbus Circle, crosses over scenic Randall's Island, and then heads up through the Bronx.  We are visiting Gun Hill Brewery, one of the finest craft brewers out there.  They always have a creative selection of great beer - but I usually seem to end up with a Void of Light.

Bring - LIGHTS, tubes, metrocard, and the usual things you take on the ride.  

This ride concludes at the Brewery, where we are very near the Burke Ave 2/5 trains at White Plains Road.  If you opt to ride back, please remember to drink responsibly.  

14 - one way
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