Cold Spring back to NYC

Technical Training Ride Series
Technical Training Ride Series
Saturday, April 29, 2017 - 08:30

Cycle your way from the hiker/biker friendly town of Cold Spring back towards the ever bustling NYC. You’ll cross the Hudson to travel through the edge of Bear Mountain State Park, follow along the Hudson on a non-motorized vehicle path (a few miles of hard packed dirt) and enter into New Jersey to cross the GWB back into NYC. Alternate route that's a few miles longer but eliminates the beautiful dirt section in case of rain either ride day or the day before.

Average speed: 14-16 mphs on flat.  Road bikes recommended, wider tires may help for the few miles of hard packed dirt, but not necessary.

No lunch, bathroom/snack (bring your own): Bear Mountain mile 10,  Haverstraw mile 20 (quick snack, no bathroom), Nyack Beach State Park mile 29, The 9W Market (food available) mile 37

Where we will meet:  Grand Central Terminal at 8:30am,  Train Time: 8:43am to Cold Spring (Poughkeepsie).

Tickets: Single Trip to Cold Spring + MTA Bike Pass

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Ride Stats: 50.8 miles/+2,802 ft elevation gain


Technical Training Skills: Hill Climbing

The rides will have a fair amount of elevation gain. Take all hills at your own space but pay attention to technique. It is not just about getting to the top, but in learning how to improve your skills at reading a hill, or improving your technique at conquering the hills.  

Here is a helpful article on what to focus on:


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Advanced Moderate
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