Beacon to Poughkeepsie

Technical Training Ride Series
Technical Training Ride Series
Saturday, April 22, 2017 - 08:30

Ride the Hudson Valley, traversing the Hudson river twice via two bridges. You’ll start in Beacon and find your way through rural neighborhoods and small towns, past horse farms & fresh produce stands, ending in Poughkeepsie.

Average speed: 14-16 mphs on flat.  Road bikes only.

Snack Breaks:  Stewart Shop at 17 mile, Village Market and Eatery at 38 mile

Where we will meet:  Grand Central Terminal at 8:30 am,  Train Time: 8:43am to Beacon (Pougkeepsie Line)

Tickets: Single Trip to Beacon+Single Trip from Poughkeepsie to NYC+ MTA Bike Pass

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Ride Stats: 59 miles/+2,700 ft elevation gain


Technical Training Skills: Hill Climbing

The rides will have a fair amount of elevation gain. Take all hills at your own space but pay attention to technique. It is not just about getting to the top, but in learning how to improve your skills at reading a hill, or improving your technique at conquering the hills.  

Here is a helpful article on what to focus on:


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Quick Spin Light
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