Little Silver to South Amboy

Technical Training Ride Series
Technical Training Ride Series
Saturday, March 25, 2017 - 08:30

The ride practices your skills cycling in single file along narrow rural roads, climbing some minor hills, and riding on the wide shoulder of major state roads of with fast cars.  The landscape is as diverse as the skillset for this ride. The ride is passing through gritty industrial neighborhoods to stunning New Jersey farmlands.

Average speed: 14-16 mphs on flat.  Road bikes only.

Snack Break: Dunkin Donuts, 12 mile, Manhattan Bagel, 33 mile.  

Where we will meet:  Penn Station (31 Street/8 Avenue)  Train Time: 9:07 To Little Silver (Long Branch Train)

Tickets: One way ticket to Little Silver. Return from South Amboy.

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Ride Stats: 47 miles/+1,635ft elevation gain


Technical Training Skills:

Hill Climbing

The rides will have a fair amount of elevation gain. Take all hills at your own space but pay attention to technique. It is not just about getting to the top, but in learning how to improve your skills at reading a hill, or improving your technique at conquering the hills.  

Here is a helpful article on what to focus on:

Heavy Traffic

The rides will be lead through heavy traffic roads.  We will cycle along major state roads, usually with broad shoulders, however it should be expected for some shoulders to become more narrow as the road dictates.  Single file for safety is required.


Ride Type: 
Quick Spin Light
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