Dead Presidents Ride to the (Nyack) Beach

Quick Spin
Quick Spin
Monday, February 20, 2017 - 09:30

Well we won't be climbing Mount Rushmore on Presidents Day but we will do a fair amount of climbing up drives named after dead presidents (Kennedy, Truman, Jackson and Eisenhower). We ride to Nyack Beach followed by a short lunch stop at the Runcible Spoon or one of the places in Piermont like Bunbury's depending on how the group is feeling.

We climb about 3000 feet over 55 or so miles. The ride begins at the bathrooms at the playground just north of Grant's Tomb - Not at the Tomb itself.

Come prepared for a Quick Spin pace with no point drop sweep but we will wait and regroup at the top of hills. The route out will take us out River Road and down to Sneden's Landing before heading into Piermont via the Rail Trail then around via Bradley through the "back door" into Nyack, Upper Nyack and Nyack Beach. We return through Piermont for more climbing through Tallman State Park and the dead presidents. Ride ends on the Manhattan side of the GWB.

Ride with GPS

Come prepared to have fun! and with the usual water, spare tubes, pump, lunch money and a light lock.

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Quick Spin
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