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Sat, May 7, 2016

On The Waterfront - Brooklyn Shores

Calling All New Members


20-ish miles / Happy Face / Starting at Grand Army Plaza, Prospect Park

Once the Brooklyn Shore Line was the realm of industry.  Teamsters, Longshoreman and hard working men.  You know  -  Marlon Brando fighting Johnny Friendly for control of the docks.  But times have changed.  The places where industry thrived have been converted into amazing urban parks and landscapes.  In this ride, we will visit Ikea Park, Valentino Pier, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Grand Ferry Park, Bushwick Inlet Park.  We end up at Nature Walk.  In the words of Bob Castro "Only in New York would this be called nature."  Lunch will be at the always fabulous Polish Slavic Center.

This... more

Spring Training Series - Glen Cove

Please Note New Date, May 7th


50 miles / Moderate / Starting at Cunningham Park

Another North-Shore training ride to keep the blood flowing and the scenery pretty.  We are into the season, so be confident you can ride 50 miles. We're not a quick spin ride but we will travel at a decent pace, riding through many areas including Brookville, Locust Valley, and East Island before a lunch stop in Glen Cove and a view from Sea Cliff on the way back. Only moderately hilly.. Bring $$ for lunch or lunch, light lock, sunscreen, water and a great inquisitive attitude.

Sun, May 8, 2016

Ride the Old Put and OCA

Celebrate the joining of East meeting West


30 miles miles / Moderate / Starting at Van Cortlandt Park

Leaders: Ed DeFreitas It's two days before May 10th, the perfect day to honor a railroad that belongs to history. Okay, it's not Promontory, Utah. But, take a ride on the Old Put Railroad and see what was. Lunch is at a waterfall spilling from a lake over a dam created by the Old Put. After we go far enough north, we'll turn around and take the original NYC water supply, the Old Croton Aqueduct, back south. Perhaps a stop at Lyndhurst or the Untermeyer Estate. There's nothing like wheeling through the woods. Hybrid or MTB bikes are strongly suggested. We Meet At: 241st St. & B'way Van... more

Spring Training - Quick Spin Sunken Meadow


85 miles / Quick Spin / Starting at Cunningham Park

17+ mph on the flats. There will not be Point/Drop/Sweep as we head non-stop to Syosset (20-mile mark). After a short break we'll continue to the Sunken Meadow Park boardwalk (45-mile mark).  On the way back we'll climb Mt. Misery Road to the highest point in Long Island, after (naturally!) a deli lunch (51-mile mark).

Bring two spare tubes, money for a deli lunch and a MTA Bike Permit in case you need to drop off and take the LIRR home.

Check the 5BBC website or our Facebook page before the ride for possible updates or cancelation due to bad weather.

2nd Annual Paterson Falls Mother's Day Ride!!


35 miles / Happy Face / Starting at George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal

Join us for our annual springtime semi-training scenic adventure to one of the --  truly -- East Coast wonders of the world, The Paterson Falls, and a tour of labor history at the turn of the century in this old "Silk City" mill town that was the inspiration for the American epic, Paterson, by poet W.C. Williams, and many many labor strikes. Today, as then, the Silk City is a town of immigrants, and after touring the falls and museums, we'll lunch at an authentic Peruvian family restaurant where the indigenous drink, chicha morada, flows from pitchers as red as wine.

Note: Although... more

Fri, May 13, 2016

A Friday Out-to-Lunch-Bunch Ride - Filipino This Time


25 or so miles / Moderate / Starting at Grand Army Plaza, Prospect Park

This time we head back to Queens to try a Filipino place in Woodside that is new to all of us. Reviews are positive, but we will see how it fairs under 5BBC scrutiny. Please bring the usual, along with a lock, money for lunch and a fun inquisitive attitude. Also, please register if possible, so we have a sense of the number of attendees.

Sat, May 14, 2016

Spring Training Series - Bayville


50 miles / Moderate / Starting at Cunningham Park

Another North-Shore training ride, this time to the village of Bayville, often referred to as Pine Island, located on the Long Island Sound facing Greenwich Ct. We'll visit the famous Elsie, owner of Bayville Meat Center, to pick up sandwiches, etc. for lunch. Lunch by the water. Bring $$ for lunch or lunch, plenty of water, sunscreen and a light lock.

Jamaica Bay to Rockaway


35 miles / Moderate / Starting at Grand Army Plaza, Prospect Park

Come join us for a lovely spring  ride around Jamaica Bay.  We'll travel on bike paths and greenways over many bridges with great views of the bay and ocean.  Lunch will be a picnic at the Wildlife Preserve.    Bring lock, lunch money and spare tubes.  Rain at start cancels.

We Rumble to the Jumble


16 miles / Happy Face / Starting at Chelsea Piers

The scenic way, around lower Man for some superb views, then the IKEA ferry, compliments of the house, to Red Hook, some ins and outs around the Hook, and eventually we'll arrive at the South Slope and the infamous Bike Jumble where bargains are to be had for the perceptive buyer. We'll take a break,with a visit to Strong Rope Brewery, to loosen the purse strings, then a return to the Jumble for last-minute buys, and a return to Red Hook, via Vinny's of Carroll Gardens or Frankie's Spuntino for Gnocchi Marinara & Fresh Ricotta (or Giardini, down the block with outdoor dining, for those... more

Sun, May 15, 2016

Peekskill or bust!

One way ride to hills, food and . . . more


60 miles / Advanced Moderate / Starting at Grand Army Plaza, Prospect Park

We'll ride a straight 60 mile Northward to the riverfront town of Peekskill. It's a steady incline and then one big friggin hill. Luckily after that hill you'll have an option to be rewarded with a quaint and cosey brew pub on the water near the train. We'll take the Metro-North home. So bring your bike pass! Also bring the usual: water(2 bottles), extra tube and/or patch kit, $ for lunch and train ride home. 

"Discovery Day" at Fresh Kills


22 miles / Happy Face / Starting at South Ferry

We love Fresh Kills. It brings us back to those bad old days when the site was a notorious, noxious landfill, periodically catching fire, and visible from satellite. Now it is thoroughly top-soiled, manicured, tamed, and importantly, for us, bikable. At nearly three times the size of Central Park and the largest park to be developed in New York City in over 100 years, we'll bike car-free roadways, scan the hills, the views and sites (at one of the highest points, a 360 view never seen before!), and kayak in and around the Arthur Kill's tidal waterways.

Going out, we'... more

Sat, May 21, 2016

Thimble Island Bike/Cruise III

A Ramble along the Connecticut Shore


35-40 miles / Moderate / Starting at Grand Central Terminal

May is Bike Month and what better way to celebrate than to hit the back roads of coastal Connecticut. Our destination: Thimble Islands, one of the majestic wonders of the world, and only a heartbeat away from New Haven, where beforehand we'll breakfast at Clare's Cornercopia, a venerable culinary landmark in its own right feeding generations of hungry Yale undergraduates.  (Those on a leaner diet can simply carb up at the nearby Dunkin' Donuts.) Some of the sights along the way include: the West Haven Lighthouse, a Victorian carousel, a defunct trolley rail trail line through a vast... more

Tri-Boro, Not the Bridge (aka The Empanada Ride)


35-40 miles / Moderate / Starting at City Hall

Time for our classic spring ride - empanadas. Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens - we meander from the industrial to the bucolic, from the commercial to the high-end and not-so-high-end residential, plus some cemeteries (it's Queens, after all), a ride by the velodrome and empanadas in Corona for a late lunch. Ride will end at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, but riders will have options to head to Manhattan via the 59th Street, Williamsburg or Manhattan Bridge.

Clean and Green

With Friends of Hutchinson River Greenway


25 or so miles / Moderate / Starting at Columbus Circle

The 5BBC is proud to join with the Friends of the Hutchinson River Greenway as part of our commitment to both community service and fun.  The Hutchinson River Greenway is an essential link between The Bronx and Westchester.  It is a beautiful ride - and with your help - we will keep it that way.  

Our route passes through some wonderfully scenic areas including Randall's Island Bike Trail, Concrete Plant Park, Barretto Park, and Hunts Point Park.  After crossing the gritty Bruckner, we then enter the Greenway.  Upon arrival at the cleanup site, we will be provided with gloves, bags... more

Sun, May 22, 2016

Spring Training - Quick Spin Eatons Neck


90 miles / Quick Spin / Starting at Cunningham Park

The scenery of the North Shore expands on this beautiful trip.  If you can handle this 90-miler, you'll have no trouble with a full century. We ride as a group. No point/Drop/Sweep. 17+ mph.  Bring snacks, spare tubes, money for lunch in Northport and MTA Bike permit

Check the 5BBC website or our Facebook page before the ride for possible updates or cancelation due to bad weather.

Seguine Revisited

A Journey to Prince's Bay


40 ish miles / Moderate / Starting at South Ferry

After getting off the ferry, we ride along the swampy northern edge of Staten Island as we visit The Blazing Star Cemetery /Dead Pool.  The Cemetery is the final resting place of some of Staten Island's oldest families - Seguines and Poillons, not to mention the decomposing boats.  We then cut across the heart of Staten Island and visit the community of Prince's Bay.  We will check out Lemon Creek Park, osage orange trees planted by Frederick Law Olmstead, see the Seguine Mansion, and visit the spooky abandoned Manee-Seguine Homestead.  We will also head to the beach for some great water... more