Day Rides

Sat, Jul 22, 2017

Byram Lake and SW Connecticut


116 miles / Quick Spin / Starting at Charles A. Dana Center, Central Park

There aren't many nicer roads to ride than the well-maintained, hilly and winding roads of southwest Connecticut, lined with beautifully landscaped, over-the-top 5,000 sqf homes and tax-dodge horse farms.  This ride covers 73 miles of them! It's like riding a roller coaster without rails through an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

We'll take the South County Trail north and do some climbing in Westchester on Payne, Whippoorwill and around Byram Lake before entering Connecticut.

Rest breaks at 24-, 55-, 79-, and either 87- or 107-mile marks (or all of them,... more

Bash Bish Preview Ride

please note significant changes to ride due to shuttle bus @Southeast Station


93 miles / Advanced Moderate / Starting at Grand Central Terminal

Please note: due to shuttle bus at Southeast Station,  the route has changed and is subsequently longer. We are still meeting at the same time and taking the same train, but then we will ride from Southeast Station to Millerton and Rudd Pond. (Sorry that we won't be able to use the swimming hole at Bash Bish, but we will swim in Rudd Pond.)

The new distance is: 93 miles and 4667' of elevation. (We may drop 4 miles and some elevation by taking the same route there and back, if necessary.) New ridewithgps route is here:

 ... more

The Not Quite Almost to Philly Ride

River Views All Along the Way


41 miles / Moderate / Starting at Penn Station

We ride from Trenton to Camden, through idyllic 19-century waterfront towns and quiet roadways with stops at Bordentown, a major hub of rail-canal industry back in the day, the village of Roebling, named after the suspension-bridge inventor, the hamlet of colonial Burlington (and, curiously, the source for Junior's Cheesecake of Brooklyn), the iconic Victorian gingerbread Riverton Yacht Club, and, finally, Victor's Pub in a (somewhat) revitalized Camden. Although we won't quite make it to Philly, since the return is Jersey-side River Line Light Rail to Trenton, a few of us may venture over... more

Sun, Jul 23, 2017

Staten Island North Shore Greenway

Reality? Maybe


20 miles / Happy Face / Starting at City Hall

The former Borough President, Guy Molinari, built a pilot project at the old Sailor's Snug Harbor station. This is so important, We Want People to have a chance to see a possible New Green Way!! One of the best raw material for a bike trail is an abandoned railroad. Now, as a railroader & a cyclist, I'm often torn as to what should be built. New York City is full of abandoned right of ways. In Staten Island, not so much. Geologically it's a big rock. Trains don't do well climbing steep grades. But, the trade off is that the B & O Railroad built it's Lines in the only place it could... more

Seguine Revisited


40 ish miles / Moderate / Starting at South Ferry

After getting off the ferry, we ride along the swampy northern edge of Staten Island as we visit The Blazing Star Cemetery /Dead Pool.  The Cemetery is the final resting place of some of Staten Island's oldest families - Seguines and Poillons, not to mention the decomposing boats.  We then cut across the heart of Staten Island and visit the community of Prince's Bay.  We will check out Lemon Creek Park, osage orange trees planted by Frederick Law Olmstead, see the peacocks at Seguine Mansion, and visit the spooky abandoned Manee-Seguine Homestead.  We will also head to the beach for some... more

Blame it on the Boogie

Ride to Boogie on The Boulevard


20 miles / Happy Face / Starting at Lenox Ave and 110th St

Join us for a ride to the Bronx for the the second month of Boogie on the Boulevard and enjoy 8 blocks of car-free streets, arts and festivities on the Grand Concourse! Afterwards we will ride to Arthur Avenue, Bronx's Little Italy for Italian delights at the Arthur Avenue Retail Market for a real taste of The Bronx.  


Bring locks, spare tubes, light snacks, water, money for goodies on Arthur Ave!


Fri, Jul 28, 2017

Hot Town - Summer in the City

A Bike and Swim Social


10 Ish miles / Happy Face / Start Location TBD

Hot town, summer in the city.  Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty.
All around, people looking half dead.  Walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head.

Well, there IS a cure for the Summertime Blues!   Come to the 5BBC Bike, Swim, Social.  We are leaving from City Hall Park and heading up to Riverbank State Park for a refreshing dip in the outdoor pool with Sunset over the Hudson.  And, following the ride, head right next door to Sofritos for refreshments and socializing.  What more can you ask for on a hot summer night.  Join us for the fun on this Happy Face... more

Sat, Jul 29, 2017

Bronx River Pedal & Paddle


15 miles miles / Happy Face / Starting at Carl Schurz Park

5BBC and the Bronx River Alliance have teamed up again for the 2nd annual Bronx River Pedal & Paddle!

Our bicycle ride will start at Carl Schurz Park (87th Street & East End Avenue) and proceed at a happy-face pace across Randall’s Island and on greenways in Bronx parks. We will then lock our bikes, don life jackets, and settle into canoes provided by Bronx River Alliance for a 1-hour paddle on the river. Finally, it’s back on the bikes for a spin on the Mosholu Greenway to Van Cortlandt Park and the #1 subway at 242nd St & Broadway.

... more

Sun, Jul 30, 2017

Ride-along with the Empire State Ride

5BBC welcome for those riding 500+ miles cross-state


15-20 miles / Happy Face / Starting at South Ferry

Back at Bike Expo I met the organizers of the Empire State Ride which supports the Buffalo Cancer Center as a fundraiser that take cyclists 500+ miles from NYC cross-state to Buffalo.

They are looking for a 2-3 Marshalls in Manhattan and this ride will start where they do. Details are on facebook.

This ride will welcome, tail and cheer them on along the west side bike path and then up and over the GWB. It will end at the bus terminal for those who want a ride of 15-20 miles and I may add on a meander in Manhttan for those who want more and perhaps find a place to fine... more

Ghost Bikes 2017 Memorial Ride



About 40 miles / Moderate / Starting at Columbus Circle

I've been volunteering to help build ghost bikes for cyclists killed in New York City since 2013. This year, after building the bikes on June 3, I thought it would be great to put together a ride to visit all the sites where cyclists were killed in the past year. That's a pottery big space in New York City, so I created this ride in three parts. One group starts on Claremont Park in the Bronx, visits a ghost bike in Pelham, then rides to Elmhurst to meet the Queens group. That group starts in Cunningham Park, visits a ghost bike in Bayside then rides to Elmhurst to meet the Bronx group... more

Sat, Aug 5, 2017

The Summer Streets Happy Face ride


22 miles / Happy Face / Starting at Lenox Ave and 110th St

The summer streets program is here again, running from Park Ave. & 72nd St to the Brooklyn Bridge.  Park Avenue will be closed to traffic, and open to cyclists, joggers, roller bladers, etc.  It is a big moving block party.  

The ride will be approximately 22 miles, w/ many rest stops to enjoy the activities and giveaways on Park Avenue.  We will ride start @ Lenox Ave. & 110th St, @ 10:00, going down Central Park’s Westside car free drive.  The ride consists of 1 semi-big hill, & much smaller rolling hills in the park.  We will go easy, with pointers on climbing hills... more

Sat, Aug 12, 2017

Brewster Quick Spin Light to NYC


55 miles / Quick Spin Light / Start Location TBD

A revisit to an old favorite, as we travel north to south, from rural surroundings to urban surroundings.

A nearly traffic-free country to city quick spin pace light w/o the point drop system, unnecessary as we will ride together as a group w/o gapping.  Good cycling abilities, instincts, etiquette, and self-sufficiency are required. However, if you have been training and are ready for a little challenge, you are welcome, as we try to maximize our time in the saddle.  We will try to maintain a consistent 16 to 17 mph, depending on conditions.  Please note, that approx. 36 traffic... more

Sun, Aug 20, 2017

Triple Beach Bum Ride

When One Beach Is Not Enough!


30 miles / Happy Face / Starting at Penn Station

Finally, a beach bum Happy Face ride to write home about -- and a triple header to boot.

Back in the day, we could have boarded a steamer at the Battery, with harpist accompaniment. Instead, we'll catch the 9:01 AM North Jersey Coast train to Matawan. We meet up, a little before, in the Amtrak Waiting Area, in Penn Station, at 31 and 8th Avenue, near the escalators. The NJ Transit ticket machines are nearby.

Once in Matawan, we explore old and forgotten beach resorts your great grandparents would have visited, such as Keyport, Union Beach, Keansburg, or where an uncle might... more

Sun, Jul 8, 2018

New Jersey -- Coast to Coast II

Bordentown to Point Pleasant!


46 miles / Moderate / Starting at Penn Station

This is our second attempt at an inaugural two-part 5BBC ride that traverses the length of New Jersey, from the tranquil Delaware River to the roiling Atlantic Ocean!

The ride begins in Trenton, NJ, and travels, via the Delaware tow path to historic Bordentown (home of Tom Paine). From there, we move into the interior -- back roads and old-style country diners and flea markets -- with lunch at Tootie's, a New Egypt institution (along with their spectacular one-of-a-kind ice cream sundaes), before heading out into the uncharted northern fringes of the Pine Barrens (a long stretch on... more