Van Certification Course 2018

Attention all 5BBC leaders and non-leader members who will need to drive a 15-passenger van for the Club or may just want to help out.


  1) Let Doug ( know you plan to take the class as soon as you decide you want to be in this year's class

   2) Location: C. C. Rental of LIC  47-08 30th St, Long Island City, NY 11101 near the 7 and G train

   3) Sunday 2/25 at 10AM

   4) read the rest of this below to take the online part of the test before the driving section.

  The Club is offering a two-part van certification process consisting of a mini-course with a written test and a “road test.”  The mini-course with the written exam will be given online through a national certification company and the “road test” through the Club’s Leadership Coordinator.
The “road test” part of the exam will be given on Sunday  February 25, 2018  in Long Island CIty at 10AM (see location above).
 During January and  February you can take the mini-course with the written exam at any time.  The $25 fee for the course will be reimbursed to you by the Club once you have completed both the mini-course with the written exam and the “road test” parts of the course. Instructions on how to sign up for the mini-course are as follows:
Procedures for Online Mini-Course with the Written Exam
    •    Logon to
    •    Under catalog, scroll to online then to Coaching the Van Driver II – 15 passenger version online. That should get you here.
    •    In the blue box, “Taking an online course? Login here, ” following the instructions
    •    Complete your profile and personal billing information (leave tax # box blank)
    •    Pay your $25 fee
    •    Take the mini-course ( you can stop and start whenever you want)
    •    Take the exam (if you fail the first time,  you are entitled to a second chance)
    •    When you get a certificate of completion, send a copy of it and a copy of your driver’s license to Manny Sanudo at 212-08 75 Avenue (6F)  Bayside NY 11364
    •    After you have completed the “road test” the 5BBC treasurer will send you a $25 refund check
    •    To register for the Van Certification “road” test and for Questions???,   email Doug Von Hoppe ( or Manny (