President's Letter

5BBC members, welcome to 2017.  One thing I hope to accomplish as President of the Club is to periodically communicate directly with the membership getting your feedback and ideas and sharing information about Club activity, issues facing the Club and ways to get more folks involved and make the Club better for all involved.  The last item is particularly important, as one of the agenda items we, as the Board, want to focus on in 2017 is succession planning - how do we get more members involved in the Club, be it in an administrative capacity, a volunteer capacity, as Board or Council members, or as leaders listing more Ride options of all kinds for the benefit of all. The Club doesn't run itself and we need you and your skills to make us an even better Club. I will return to this topic over the next few months, but in the interim, please feel free to contact me at with your thoughts, questions, suggestions and especially to offer your skills and assistance.

Speaking of stepping up to help the Club, I wanted to let you know of a transition at the Board level.  Due to a number of personal matters, unfortunately, effective January 15th, Elizabeth Peters has had to step down as Treasurer of the Club. Eliz, who was the recipient of the golden spoke award in 2015, has been an amazing Board member and Treasurer who has made significant contribution to streamlining and upgrading the Club's processes and by so doing making it easier for future treasurers to perform their functions.  She also was extremely diligent in participating in all aspects related to the governance of the Club. Her presence and counsel, will be missed, but we are lucky because she will continue to contribute to the Club as a leader and in other administrative capacities.  

But as Eliz has had to step back, we are extremely fortunate that two very talented individuals, Patricia Chew and Lon Weisen, have stepped forward and been appointed by the Board to fill out Eliz's term as Treasurer.  Patricia is a great example of someone who is fairly new to the Club being willing to share her intelligence, skills, talents and wonderful outlook and personality. She is a graduate of the recent leadership class, a dynamo and a quick learner. Lon, who has ridden with us the last few years, is a CPA and auditor and quickly stepped up to volunteer when he heard Eliz would need to step back. His deliberate thoughtful counsel will be a great addition to the Board.  We are very appreciative that these two talented individuals will serve as co-Treasurer. 

Thank you all for your support of the Club. Please be sure to take a minute and renew your membership. For those who ride all winter, we look forward to seeing you on the rides. For those who hibernate, the spring riding season isn't that far away and Howard Hall, our co- Rides Coordinator, is busy setting up the Spring Training Series. To our wonderful leaders, we thank you, it is hard to be a Bike Club without bike rides, and we ask all of you to consider listing more rides of all kinds from happy face to quick spin, from urban tours, to suburban adventures, from themed rides (and of course great food locations) to classic destinations or new explorations.  We look forward to all the rides.

Bill Mastro