5BBC 2018 Jerseys and Caps Launched!

FINALLY - we are pleased to announce our NEW 5BBC 2018 Jerseys and Cap!

You can sign on to our 5BBC Team Store HERE Please use password: 5Boro

Important first step: If you plan to place an order, once you click on the above link for the first time, before you enter the password to enter the store, be sure to click on the link that says "REGISTER" and create your own account with VERGE to order from our team store.

It took us a while to find the right supplier.

We had a number of parameters.

  1. First, it had to be good quality at an acceptable price.
  2. Second, we wanted the quickest possible delivery times as in the past, it took 7-8 weeks to fulfil the order and then we had to manage delivery. This vendor promises 3 to 3.5 weeks. Let us know how they do!
  3. Third, as an all volunteer organization, we wanted a solution that would allow direct shipment to you when you buy.
  4. Finally, we wanted  a supplier with a system that could handle the transaction and shipment - a TEAM STORE if you will.

And we found all of this as well as a supplier that could pick up Caryn Greenberg's lovely design, and map it to their product. They will also let us expand our product line with ease over time. If you have an interest in bibs, arm warmers, leg warmers etc - all is possible - we just need to see enough demand for our products to justify expanding the product line.

We hope you enjoy our new products! Stickers and socks will continue to be available directly from the club web site and at our events.

If you know anyone with DRUPAL and E-COMMERCE programming skills willing to volunteer for the club - let us know. Otherwise, our web site is in maintenance mode and the shipping costs for jerseys and hats are the price we pay in order to reduce the work required of our limited volunteer resources to enable us to bring you the products. 

If you have any concerns or problems in dealing with our new vendor, please e-mail communications@5bbc.org or president@5bbc.org

Happy Shopping and look forward to riding with you in your new 5BBC Gear!

Note that a sampling kit has been ordered and will be available so you can try on the jerseys for sizing before buying at MEMBERS FORUM!