Spring Training Series for the TD Five Boro Bike Tour

Training for this year's tour on May 6th? Do it with the 5BBC!

This page is dedicated to the 5BBC's special relationship with Bike New York.

The 5BBC has been involved in supporting the TD Five Boro Bike Tour since inception. We know it well and love it!

And this year will be no different.

We have a spring training series that runs every year through March and April.

It's designed to help those of us who don't ride in the winter, or may be targeting a longer ride than we may have ever done in the past, to incrementally build up the capacity to ride as far as we can!

The approach is simple.

Rides are populated on our Day Trips web site page from which you can pick one at a level you know you can do, and incrementally, build by adding 5-10 miles more each week with a supporting group of riders along with you. You can start with as short as 15 to 30 mile rides and build up to as long as 40, 50, 75 or even 100 miles by the time the summer rolls around.

As our 2018 Spring Training Series develops, we will hilight here and showcase how people new to riding or familiar with riding the streets of New York's 5 Boroughs, can come together and train for this year's TD Five Boro Bike Tour with New York's friendliest Bike Club - the 5BBC!

Everyone is welcome to take their first ride with our club for free. After that, it's only $25 a year for unlimited riding ($30 for two at the same address). This is required by the insurance we take for our leaders. Each ride has two, a Point up front and a Sweep at the back. We use a process called Point-Drop-Sweep to make sure no one ever gets left behind!

On this page, we will focus on helping cyclists train for the tour this year on May 6th.

We have a Leader's Forum Thursday February 8th to flesh out our 2018 series.

Check back here often as we will be updating this page with a summary of rides appropriate to riders training for the 2018 tour as they are posted.

We have a long tradition of partnering with Bike New York. Many of our members and leaders are Marshalls, Captains and Supercaptains - volunteering to help support the ride and make it the success that it is.

Our first ride of the spring training series on Saturday March 3rd, 2018 will be led by Ed Pino and Liz Baum. They are seasoned 5BBC leaders, former Presidents and in fact, Ed is the Vice Chair of the board of Bike New York! So definitely check out his Ride to Hicksville and make it the first of the few you'll need to get in shape for the tour by riding with us. For those of you who may want or need to start your training a bit later, Ed and LIz repeat this ride on Saturday March 24th.

We look forward to helping you experience the tour as a breeze, safely with fun!

...having developed the confidence to do the distance by experiencing our spring training series.

Please remember to check back regularly for ride updates to help you prepare for this year's tour. And consider signing up for our FREE weekly e-mail which shows you news of the club and upcoming Day Trips over the next week.