2017 Holiday Party Survey

We'd like your input on our annual holiday party

Every year, on average, 10-15% of our membership attends the 5BBC Holiday Party.

Typically, it's held early in December and kicks off the holiday season.

Any event in our club that regularly generates more than 75 attendees, is an important tradition.

The board would like your feedback on past parties you might have attended.

Whether or not you have ever attended, we'd like to know your views on holiday parties you have intended and your suggestions on how to make ours even better than ever!

Of course, we hope to see you at the one we will be working on at year end - and your answer here will help us custom design it to the preferences of you, the members of the club.

We thank you in advance for answering the 10 questions and please make sure to share ALL your thoughts in the later questions that have open ended space for you to wite all of your ideas down.

Click here to start the survey - all answers are anonymous.