Ride to Boston with the 5BBC

Early Bird Pricing Ends March 1

Ride to Boston with the 5BBC


This Memorial Day Weekend, a group of 5BBCers are going to bike from New York to Boston. The four day trip covers 240 miles as we cycle through Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island and ending up in Boston, Massachusetts. The route has been carefully selected and scouted for cycling. With 8,000 feet of elevation over the four days you know that there will be some hills. The first three days riding will be over sixty miles each. The last day will be a thirty mile glory run. Arriving in Boston, we have arranged for a gym where showers are available. Your bike will be loaded onto the van, and you can enjoy the afternoon in town, before returning to NYC via Amtrak.


What do you get? This trip is van supported which means that you do not need to schlep your luggage. The van will also act as SAG should the need arise during the trip. Forget about the blow up mattress on the ground. We are staying in hotels along the route – two of which have swimming pools and/or hot tubs to unwind in after a long day in the saddle. You get breakfasts as well as snacks along the way. You do have to pay for the LIRR fare to Ronkonoma as well as the Orient Point Ferry. Lunches and dinners will also up to the riders to pay for, but there are some great lunch spots along the way. What else do you get? Riding with a great group of people and the feeling of satisfaction of having biked all the way up to Boston.


What do you need to do? Needless to say, this is not a Happy Face Ride. We have done our best to make the ride enjoyable, but some of that joy will be climbing hills. We aim to have strong riders with us on this event – which means that you will be required to join in some of our training rides. Another thing that you need to know is that this is a rain or shine event. On days that it rains – we ride. While the van can be used as SAG, it is not equipped for passenger transport. You also have to make sure that your bike is up to the trip. You need a road or endurance bike, as well as the usual spare tubes, levers, etc.


Need more information? Here is where to get what you need, including the routes that we will be taking. https://www.5bbc.org/rides-events/weekend-rides/2017/05/4-day-grand-spring-training-finale-new-york-boston. Remember – the Early Bird price of $549 ends on March 1, 2017. After that the price rises to $699.



This is something new for the 5BBC, and depending upon its success, we hope to be offering this, or similar longer excursions, in the future. When your friends ask what you did on Memorial Day – you can proudly tell them “I biked to Boston.” Okay, we know they won't believe you until you show them the photos. Join us.