WELCOMING ALL MEMBERS – NEW AND OLD, HAPPY FACE TO QUICK SPIN, FAIR WEATHER RIDERS AND WINTER WARRIORS. YES ! Once again it is time to celebrate another year riding with friends. The 5BBC Holiday Party will be taking place on Saturday December 3, 2016 starting at 6:00 PM at Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem. This is always a highlight of the social year featuring: Dancing, Dining, Awards, Raffle and Give-... Read more

The Tour de Bronx is one of NYCs premier cycling events. This year, the Tour is being held on October 23. Members of the 5BBC are requested to marshal this event. Spots are available for the 25 and 40 mile courses. Marshal training rides are held on Sundays, October 9th (40 mile) and October 16th (25 mile). Please support the Tour by becoming a Marshal:…/... Read more

Welcome to Five Borough Bicycle Club


And all members of 5BBC Thank you for representing us so well

by Allan Friedman

Hello Volunteers! Thank you for dedicating your time to help Transportation Alternatives as a volunteer on for the 2016 Bike The Boros: NYC Century. Thank you for coming out despite warmer than normal weather. We registered thousands bicyclists for this all-urban ride and visited some great areas in New York City. We could not have successfully executed this event without you! With your help, we... Read more

by David Meltzer

Six years ago I got into cycling.  I would normally ride by myself, or maybe with a friend.  I loved the freedom that cycling brought, and the exploration that it allowed.  Some of the rides that I continue to lead today, The Dead Pool and Ramblersville, were the result of these early rides.  When I first found out about the 5BBC - my initial reaction was NO.  I do not like group rides.  I am a... Read more

by Tom Hong

How much air pressure should we be inflating our bike tires to? That debate has been raging ever since the first pneumatic bicycle tire was invented in 1887. We all know that underinflated tires are at risk for getting “snakebite” punctures, so the most oft-heard advice is pump the tire to the max pressure printed on the tire's sidewall. Unfortunately max pressure is actually too much air in most... Read more

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