Come Marshal for the NYC Century Bike Tour! Transportation Alternatives need volunteer marshals on bikes or on their feet to help NYC Century riders navigate the route, negotiate tricky intersections, fix flats and find their way to the rest stops, first aid and bike repair stations. Marshals are also goodwill ambassadors, spreading the joy and excitement of America's only all-urban century... Read more
What's Summer Streets?  The city is closing down Park Avenue and Lafayette Street to make a car free route from 72nd Street down to the Brooklyn Bridge.  See for the full story. 5BBC is once again staffing a bike repair / information table on the route, at East 24th Street and Park Avenue South.  And once again, we need volunteers to help us during the event, from 7... Read more
Isn't the High Bridge Old News already? We've had quite a few rides go over it already...... wait, we have not formally celebrated its opening! 5BBC is co-sponsoring, along with many others, this party (aka High Bridge Festival) to celebrate the re-opening of this great piece of NYC history connecting two of our five beloved boroughs. Here are some of the details also available at this web site.... Read more

Welcome to Five Borough Bicycle Club


Some important bike safety tips

by Ed Sobin
 A while back there was a TV show called Hill Street Blues.  The show always started with an in precinct roll call.  At the conclusion of the session, Sergeant Esterhaus always remarked, “Let's be careful out there.”  Esterhaus knew that you could never tell what eventualities would arise – and that you always had to be ready for them.  The same is true on a bike.   We will never be able to... Read more

by David Meltzer
To all our members, Some meandering thoughts from the past President, Leadership Coordinator, VIce President, Golden Spoke winner. etc. Over the past few years the club has gone through vast changes and undertakings. Some members are pleased and others are not so pleased. Most members, however, do not even notice. As a past Board Member of the Club as well as a Board Member in other venues, I... Read more

A North of the Border Adventure

by David Meltzer
5:45 came early. Nine 5BBCers biked through the silent streets of Brooklyn to the Monsey Bus Yard. Bikes were loaded and the Weekend Trip to Montreal was off and running. After a further stop in the Bronx, we were on the road.   The Club's Montreal adventure was devised by Montreal native Allan Friedman, ably assisted by former Club president Sharon Behnke and current Club president David MEL... Read more

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