Ride marshalls are needed for the Tour de Yonkers Ride on Sunday, September 27, 2015. Ride for FREE! If interested, please register by emailing me: Ride description: Join us for the 7th Annual Tour de Yonkers, a ride through one of NY's most beautiful cities. The tour route follows the Hudson River north for several miles, passes some of the city's historic old carpet mills... Read more
With the resignation of David Meltzer, announced below, Vice President Shawn Carney has stepped up to be President for the remainder of the 2015 term. You probably know her from her terrific Graffiti rides, which have made at least me, a lifelong resident, look at the City differently. Shawn, a Club Golden Spoke Award recipient, was the 2014 5BBC Membership Coordinator and an unsung hero... Read more
Dear 5BBC: For the past three years I have had the privilege of sitting on the Board, both as Vice President and this year as President. In those three years, much of what I set out to do has been accomplished. We have revitalized the weekend program, our infrastructure is vastly improved, and our membership has grown. I feel that we are a vibrant part of the New York cycling scene. I have tried... Read more

Welcome to Five Borough Bicycle Club


Our Volunteers

by Liz Baum
Summer Streets-Let's say thank- you to all the hard workers  of Steve Bauman, Ed Ravin and Harlan, and additional group of Ed Pino, Tom, Alfredo,  Dave, and our ever present Bike 21 (Phil), Phil O'Reilly ,and the ever presnt who I did not see-   and our trusty sign in sheet group, of various  others , who over the last three weeks once again used the miracle hands on bikes that came out of... Read more

Some important bike safety tips

by Ed Sobin
 A while back there was a TV show called Hill Street Blues.  The show always started with an in precinct roll call.  At the conclusion of the session, Sergeant Esterhaus always remarked, “Let's be careful out there.”  Esterhaus knew that you could never tell what eventualities would arise – and that you always had to be ready for them.  The same is true on a bike.   We will never be able to... Read more

by David Meltzer
To all our members, Some meandering thoughts from the past President, Leadership Coordinator, VIce President, Golden Spoke winner. etc. Over the past few years the club has gone through vast changes and undertakings. Some members are pleased and others are not so pleased. Most members, however, do not even notice. As a past Board Member of the Club as well as a Board Member in other venues, I... Read more

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