Welcome to Five Borough Bicycle Club


The FIVE Boroughs

by Ted Kushner

Round and round and round we may go, and where we stop.. well, ultimately back where we started, but that is the essence of a true perimeter ride – after all, we are The FIVE Borough Bicycle Club, and what better way is there to explore the quintuplets? Although each plat may be unique in terms of shape, size, architecture, population, culture, history, waterfront access, and even number of bike... Read more

How to be a little safer...for you and other cyclists

by Geoffrey Cohen

What the heck is a “Dutch Reach”?    If you, or anyone you know, has ever been “doored”, then you need to practice the Dutch Reach.   What do the Dutch reach for? Oliebollen (Dutch doughnuts)? Of course! Tulips? Sure!   But the Dutch, known for their bicycle addiction, also reach for something else…safety. Simply the Dutch Reach is a safer way to leave your car; safer for you and for any passing... Read more

Training for this year's tour on May 5th? Do it with the 5BBC!

by Allan Friedman

  This page is dedicated to the 5BBC's special relationship with Bike New York. The 5BBC has been involved in supporting the TD Five Boro Bike Tour since inception. We know it well and love it! Read more about its history and our role in it here. And this year will be no different. We have a spring training series that runs every year through March and April. It's designed to help those who don't... Read more

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