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It seems like this winter has been endless, with minimal opportunities for enjoyable riding.  But despite the bleak current forecasts, spring is coming and so is the 5BBC Spring Training Series.  Starting the first weekend in March, we will be listing a diverse offering of fun rides to help put the winter doldrums behind us and get us in shape for the season.  This year in addition to old... Read more
Dear Five Borough Bicycle Club: The coming year has brought on a change with how we do our rides. Our rides are now limited to members only, although first time participants may also ride with the club. This change was brought on by the new insurance policy, but is really a matter of fairness to our membership. We are a member supported club. By that, the majority of our income for the year comes... Read more
Attention all 5BBC leaders and members who will need to drive a 15-passenger van for the Club. The Club is offering a two-part van certification process consisting of a mini-course with a written test and a “road test.” The mini-course and written exam will be given online through a national certification company and the “road test” through the Club’s Leadership Coordinators. During January and... Read more


Anatomy Of A Ride Not Taken

by David Meltzer
I had never cycled up to Rye before. I did some research and it seemed like an interesting ride. The scout with Nathalie Pham was great...good bike trails, a tasty pub meal, sitting on the back porch of John Jay's house and some scenic Rye sights. We found a hole in the schedule and listed the ride. The Facebook event was published, cue sheets were made, and we were ready to roll. And then... Read more

2014: A Personal Biking Review

by Carl Allan Salonen
The cool inky darkness of a late September morning slipped past me like motor oil as I plunged my pedals earthward, propelling myself up the moderate incline of the bridge to another borough. 2%, my Garmin tells me. Feels more like whole milk, not 2%. I hate riding this bridge, yet it is a lifeline to most of the cycling events in New York City. This bridge causes dual anxieties: at once, it is... Read more

The Five Boro Bike Tour is Sunday, May 3!

by Shawn Carney
Bike New York has announced that the Five Boro Bike Tour will be held on Sunday, May 3, 2015. If you're interested in volunteering, there's a place for you! The TD Five Boro Bike Tour brings 32,000 cyclists of all skill levels from around the world on a tour through the five boroughs of New York City. Did you know that it's also the world’s biggest charitable bike ride? The proceeds fund BNY's... Read more

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