Welcome to Five Borough Bicycle Club


by Sharon Behnke

I learned to ride a bike when I was very young but growing up in a small town in an era when cars were boss, my love of cycling, ironically, didn’t take off until I moved to the Big City.  It was more a need for an inexpensive social activity than a desire to become more physically fit that lead me to get serious about cycling in New York City.   I owned a bicycle as a young mother raising my... Read more

Bicycling for a cause

by Nina Sabghir

Bicycles have been my go to means of transportation ever since I survived the crash and burn school of bike riding, the method endorsed by my big brother. Soon I was begging my uncle for a real bike from his hardware store. That Huffy three speed went where few three speeds dare to roll with camping trips from Denver into the mountains. A few years later, I was bicycling through Europe solo on a... Read more

To Phil and Tod and Our Vacation in Ireland

by Allan Friedman

Article By Katie Marion, Mary Martinez and Mary O’Neill (only Posted by Allan Friedman) When we look back on that trip to Ireland in the summer of 2004, everything about it exceeded our expectations. The weather was mostly sunny and warm although we had been prepared for rain.  The people, often described as friendly were more than that.  They were kind and warm with a more genuine appreciation... Read more

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