Welcome to Five Borough Bicycle Club


by Tom Hong

How much air pressure should we be inflating our bike tires to? That debate has been raging ever since the first pneumatic bicycle tire was invented in 1887. We all know that underinflated tires are at risk for getting “snakebite” punctures, so the most oft-heard advice is pump the tire to the max pressure printed on the tire's sidewall. Unfortunately for several reasons that is not the optimum... Read more

Thanks to those of you who volunteered and made it happen!

by Allan Friedman

We hae a reputation for friendly, fun, effective mechanical support! And we had more than 40 people sign up for our weekly as a result.  Summer Streets is an annual tradition that let's pedestrians and cyclists share access to Park Avenue closed to automobile traffic for the first 3 Saturdays in August. 5BBC had a booth to raise awareness about the club and have some of our best mechanics offer... Read more

A list of things that have made it into the 5BBC weekly e-mail

by Allan Friedman

  GREAT NEWS. We now have an archive to show past Weeklies.  Click here to find it  or Go to Community Menu Item and Click on Weekly E-mail Archive Help find opportunities to promote 5BBCLike this one at RXR in ManhattanWe had RXR approach us via info@5bbc.org with an opportunity during lunch hour to have a table in their lobby at 340 Madison for two hours over lunch. They have a bike... Read more

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