Welcome to Five Borough Bicycle Club


by David Meltzer

While Staten Island is referred to as “The Forgotten Borough”, The Bronx may as well be known as the “Misunderstood Borough.” While gentrification has indeed been slow to come, The Bronx has come a long way since Howard Cosell announced “The Bronx is Burning.” I led a ride there recently, and the comment that I heard the most was “I never knew this existed.” For many riders, The Bronx is a... Read more

by Ken Williams

NY to Boston trip, May 27 to May 30.   As a veteran of many weekend trips, about 10, and I having co-lead a few; I can give this trip an A.  For those who want the more detailed version, please continue to read. I diligently trained for this trip, from Ronkonkoma, NY to Boston, MA.  This trip had its challenges, one very rainy day, the distance, elevation gain, physical wear and tear, etc.  I... Read more

by Steven Markovinovic

Part of my daily routine is to check out the 5BBC website for upcoming events. Back in January, I went through my morning rituals and was surprised to see a new ride posting “NYC to Boston” during Memorial Day weekend.  I never biked long distances day after day, and always wondered what my distance limit is.  This ride seemed like the perfect chance to challenge myself and it also gave me... Read more

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