The 4-Day Grand Spring Training Finale: New York to Boston

4-Days/240 miles/8,000 ft of elevation gain over Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
Sat, May 27, 2017 - 7:30am to Tue, May 30, 2017 - 10:00pm

Early-bird price: $549 / Deadline: March 1, 2017

Regular price: Price: $699 / Deadline: April 15, 2017

Sign-Up Now to reserve your spot: We're at capacity. Email Nathalie to be added to a waiting list.


Just finished spring training?  Getting ready to ride a few centuries during the summer and fall season?  Kick-off the summer early with a 4-Day, SAG supported, ride from New York to Boston over an extended Memorial Day weekend.

Luggage is dropped off by Penn Station, and then the ride starts in Ronkonkoma, NY.  The first day is a pretty flat-ish 60 miles in Long Island to Orient Point, where we catch the ferry to New London, CT.  Our first night is in a hotel with breakfast the next morning nearby. Our second day features some gentle hills to South Kingsport, RI.  That night take a dip in the hotel pool to relax your muscles, or venture to nearby restaurants for dinner. After our breakfast at the hotel, we continue onward to our last overnight in Brockton, MA.  We will cycle via the beautiful Washington Secondary Trail into Providence, RI.  After a nice lunch break (optional) we continue over rural roads and more hills to our hotel.  Jump into the hot tub, pool or do laundry at the hotel’s facilities. After fueling up on a breakfast at the hotel, we cycle into Boston on our shortest riding day with only 27 miles. Our cycling ends just around South Station where the SAG van meets us at the gym. The gym is where where we can shower, change clothes to spend an afternoon in Boston before we head back to NYC via Amtrak on an early evening train.  Our bikes will be transported back via the SAG van to New York Penn station where we can pick them upon arrival.

GOT QUESTIONS?  Post them on our FB trip page:  and we get back to you on there.  Other trippers may have similar questions!

Frequent Questions & Answers

How do we transport our bicycles back to New York on Amtrak?
The bikes will NOT be going back on Amtrak.  Our SAG Van will be bringing back the bikes from Boston and meet us back at Penn Station, NY.  We can pick them up from the van upon arrival in the city.  The bicycles will be packed help in the van (David M. is an expert with it by now).  We will probably have to only take off the wheels.

Why are we NOT taking the bikes on Amtrak?
The Amtrak route between Boston-NYC does not allow bikes except for some "special trains" that leave very late in the night. The bikes need to have pedals removed, and be boxed.  It seems to complicated to do with a larger group.

How do we assign roommates?
We can accommodate request if both people sign up and let us know about it.  Both people need to send a request to share the room.  Otherwise, we will go by known relationships (yes, we do have a good idea who hangs out with whom), and then gender (male/male-female/female). We are aiming to make compatible matches.

What about Preparation + Training: In addition to the 5BBC Spring Training program, we are posting rides in March 17 to help people to train for the ride.  The terrain is similar or more challenging than the NYC-Boston trip.

For Signed Up trippers:

  • Elyssa and Nathalie are creating a YouTube Channel that includes cycling training videos, and how-to’s they found helpful for training and preparing multiple day trips.  
  • A list of what to pack (for new trippers who have never been on a touring trip).


Trip Requirements: 

One (or more) of the following is required for all participants. It is necessary for us to ensure that all participants have the necessary skills for this trip.

There are no bailout points!  The SAG is for luggage and emergencies ONLY!

  • Completed 1 (or more) day rides with Elyssa, Doug and/or Nathalie.
  • Attend, at minimum, 2 Spring Training Rides with the leaders Elyssa, Doug and/or Nathalie.
  • Submit past touring data (gps prefered), including distance per day, and elevation profiles.


GOT QUESTIONS?  Post them on our FB trip page:  and we get back to you on there.  Other trippers may have similar questions!


What is included:

  • Hotel room (double-occupancy).

  • 2 Breakfast (Day 3 & 4).

  • Snacks (Laid out at breakfast.  Includes power bars, and fruits.)

  • SAG van to transport luggage/bags.  SAG does not include transport for raining days.

  • One way return bike transport from Boston to NYC.

  • Amtrak ticket to NYC (coach class).

  • RidewithGPS files and cue sheets.

  • 3-4 leaders.


What is NOT included:

  • LIRR ticket from Penn Station to Ronkonkoma ($13.25).

  • Ferry ticket from Orient Point to New London ($15-20).

  • Breakfast on Day 2 in Groton, CT.

  • Lunch/Dinner.


Riding Speed and Groups:

  • Day 1/4: We will cycle point/drop/sweep to Orient Point, go across to New London by Ferry, and then to our hotel in Groton, CT.  If you are a fast cyclist, feel free to go ahead and meet us at Orient Point.  The same applies for the last day from Brockton to Boston, MA.

  • Day 2/3:  Depending on the average speed of the group we will ride drop/point/sweep.  If we see that there is a huge difference speed difference, we will split into two groups.  Both groups will ride without a drop but at different speeds.


Weather, Road Conditions and Accommodation:

  • Be prepared to ride in rain.  The SAG van is for luggage and emergencies only.  

  • The SAG will check out the route for the next day to make sure there are not any road constructions or hazardous conditions. We will make changes to the RidewithGPS and print out new cue sheets the night before if that occurs.

  • We are currently booked in 2-3 Star hotels/motels. If we find 4 Star Hotels, massage parlor, ice-cream, pie or just better routes before we leave on 5/27/2017 leadership may take the liberty to make tweaks to the route. We will inform all trippers before-hand.  The mileage will not significantly increase etc.  We just want to make it more awesome!


The routes/daily ride specs

Day 1: Ronkonkoma to Groton, CT
Est. 67 miles ; 1,268ft+ /

Day 2: Groton, CT to South Kingston, RI
Est. 61.8 miles; 2,109ft /

Day 3: South Kingston, RI to Brockton, MA
Est. 63.9 miles; 2,070ft /

Day 4: Brockton, MA to Boston, MA
Est. 27.1 miles; 817ft /


About the Leaders:

Nathalie Pham:  Escapes the city with her bicycles to go solo touring for multiple weeks across Ireland, Canada, and joined Adventure Cyclists for Alaska and Virginia to Missouri covering 1,200 miles in 1 month.  She has led advanced moderate rides with Elyssa and Doug for the 5BBC outside NYC.
Her touring and cycling philosophy: “I have met amazing people on every tour.  And could have not met them any other way. Regarding hill -never look beyond your wheel. Hill tops are scary and they will keep on coming. Staring at them will not make them go away. "

Elyssa Respaut: Loves her bicycle so much that she cycled self-supported from Virginia to Oregon in 2016 covering 4500 miles in 3 months. - In October 16 she finished her leadership training with Adventure Cycling Association. Before that she has led day and single overnight trips with the 5BBC.
Her touring and cycling philosophy: “Every day is a new day, new experiences are to be had and new people are to be meet. Always keep an open mind for the possibilities are endless.If you want to get somewhere fast there are other modes of transportation, if you want to really see places you've been a million times, bicycle through it. While I love exploring this way, it's a style you have to mentally prepare for. You may be cold and wet and sore and go to bed before the sun has set only to wake up the next more while it's still dark, still sore and soon to be cold and wet again to keep going. No one can ride the bike for you, but the toughest times and experiences are the ones you remember.”

Douglas Von Hoppe: I’m a proud father, school librarian, and the Weekend Trip Coordinator. The first time I combined biking and camping was under Elyssa’s tutelage at Floyd Bennett Field in 2015, and I liked it so much that I did it on two more weekend trips the same year. I have a strong preference for doing Weekend Trips and Day rides for a minimum  of 100 miles. Planning on doing a self-supported ride in 2017 around Lake Champlain.
His touring and cycling philosophy: I love weekend trips for many reasons. We willingly take ourselves out of our comfort zones, often over the protests of our loved ones. At times, we do ludicrous things, like cycle in torrential downpours at night, after our headlights have failed, on the way to our campsite. We solve problems on the fly and form tight bonds with other cyclists. Ultimately, it is more rewarding to enjoy a great ride with plenty of hills and scenery (in the company of other unique personalities) than to meet any speed, mileage or fitness goals. One must prepare the same for a 100 mile ride as a 25 mile ride, so why bother doing a short ride?




Photo Credit: Ben Biggunden

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