Beach Bumming in Staten Island

South Beach isn't just a TV show
South Beach isn't just a TV show
Sunday, June 17, 2018 - 09:30

Yes, Staten Island has beaches, two of them. South Beach and Midland Beach. But, South Beach has a fishing pier and good facilities. So, you can fish, swim, sun bathe or just have lunch. Speaking of which, we'll stop at a super market that has a bakery with fresh buns etc. and a deli that can turn it into a sandwich. There's fresh fruit, snacks and such. So, meet at City Hall, take a cruise across the bay(free), ride your bike(free), create your lunch(cheap), fish, swim and sun bathe (all for free). If I do say so, sounds like an idealic bike lovers summer day. The pace is easy and it's "mostly" flat except Fort Wadsworth. But, hurry! We're halfway through Summer! Let's catch some rays! The beaches are calling!

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