Know any cyclists Age 20-35 in NYC?

E-mail for details on how they can make $475 for 3 hours next month

A Focus Group company approached us. They are currently working with a leading global sportswear company on a study to better understand and explore urban Cycling in NYC and London. 

They are looking for male and female Urban Cyclists aged 20-35 years old, in each city to take part in a paid study.

They are looking to recruit 6 -8 x riders (male and female), aged between 20-35 years old, based in NYC.

They’ll be scheduling interviews in Mid-November and would need 3 hours in total of their time which will earn them up to $475 for their participation. 

Fuller Profile description of idea participant:

- Owner of at least 1 bike

- Have cycled for a minimum of 2 years

- Most likely commuting to work on cycle 

- Knowledgeable in customizing, adapting or building up their own bike.

- Experienced in cycling across a variety of styles/types of riding – e.g. road riding, cyclocross, fixed gear riding

-May identify with a cycling scene

-Strong aesthetic but values style and performance equally.


They want to better understand their life and the role cycling and your bike(s) have in it.

For each selected participant, they will be conducting a face to face interview and a brief 'ride-a-long' journey (3 hours in total) in mid-November.

Each participant will receive up to $475 for their input.