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About Day Rides

Day Rides are free rides in and around New York City.

Rides are open to responsible cyclists, both 5BBC members and non-members.

No advance sign-up is required.

Rides are led by trained, experienced 5BBC leaders.

At the discretion of the leaders, rides may be cancelled due to bad weather.

Bring lunch or money for it, plus money for admission fees and railroad tickets as needed; snacks and an area map are also suggested.

Looking to get into or return to cycling? It's not too late. The Five Borough Bicycle Club offers a variety of rides led by trained 5BBC leaders. 

Happy Face Rides: Just starting to get into cycling or perhaps you're nervous about riding in the city? These rides are low mileage and go at a leisurely, slow pace under 10 mph. They may or may not have point, drop, sweep but everyone rides together in a group. Great for beginners! 

Moderate RidesDo you like to cycle and still see the sights? These rides range from 12-15 mph with point, drop, sweep. Suitable for intermediate riders as well as advanced riders who want more of a tour.

Advanced Moderate Rides: Like to challenge yourself without getting so out of breath that you can't carry on a conversation with the cyclists near you? These rides are 15-17 mph with point, drop, sweep. Suitable for intermediate and advanced riders looking to see the scenery, but not dawdle.

Quick Spin Light Rides: Feel like you're ready to start really pushing faster? These rides range from 16-19 mph with minimal stops and limited point, drop, sweep. Suitable for intermediate and advanced riders who can keep a steady, fast pace for extended periods of time. If this is your first time trying one of these rides, check in with the leader for details and make sure you have a Metro Card, MetroNorth or LIRR pass and bike permit in case you need to drop out.

Quick Spin Rides: Not for the faint of heart! These rides are 17-20+ mph with minimal stops and no point, drop, sweep. Advanced cyclists only need apply.

Unless noted, the Point-Drop-Sweep system is used, in which leaders ride at the front and rear of the group, keeping cyclists together.

The Point is the leader of the ride and everyone else follows behind this person. Whenever there is a turn on the route, the Point designates a random rider to become a Drop. The Drop is given instructions about what to tell the other riders as they approach. For example, "TURN RIGHT AT THE NEXT LIGHT!" Drops must pay attention, signal well in advance for the other riders, and stay at their post until the Sweep sets them free to continue the ride. The Sweep is the other leader of the ride and rides at the very back of the ride to keep all the riders on the route. No one should ride behind the Sweep or they are officially considered off the ride. 

This system accommodates a wide range of paces within one ride.

Riders generally receive a map or cue sheet of the route. Rest and lunch stops are planned. Bathroom breaks are usually planned every ten miles or so.

Unless otherwise stated, day trips return to the starting point at the end of the ride.

Ride smart, and have an adventurous spirit!

We're eager to share the joys of cycling with newcomers, returnees as well as active trippers. 

Make sure your bike is in good working order, has adequate tire pressure and brakes that work well.

Riders are required to wear a helmet approved by either CPSC or Snell, and are required to have a legally equipped bicycle, including working brakes, a bell or horn, and front and rear lights for night rides.

Bicycle gear should include at least one water bottle, a pump, spare tube or patch kit, basic tools, and a lock.

Dress for the season, including temperature variations of 15-20 degrees in either direction from the temperature at the starting time.

Motorized vehicles and headphones are not permitted.

Participants under Age 18

Young cyclists are welcome on our day rides provided the parent/guardian signs a waiver of liability at the start of the ride and accompanies the youngster on the ride or designates another adult to do so. For cyclists age 14-17 who are responsible enough to ride without a chaperone, we offer an additional option: the parent/guardian can print and sign this waiver for the teenager to bring to the start point. 

Bike Access on Trains

Metro-North Railroad and Long Island Railroad (LIRR) Bike Permits There is one permit for both, available at either Grand Central Terminal, Metro-North window #27 (or call 212-532-4900), and Penn Station LIRR information booth (or call 718-558-8228). There is a $5 fee. Specific restrictions apply. Note: old LIRR and Metro-North permits are still valid for their respective lines.

New Jersey Transit (NJT) Bicycle permits are no longer needed. Specific restrictions apply when you take your bicycle on New Jersey Transit. For more information, please call 973-762-5100, or visit the website.

Port Authority Trans Hudson (PATH) A permit is no longer required, but there are restrictions. 5BBC trips that use PATH usually ride on weekends and holidays. For more information, please call 800-234-PATH or visit the website.