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Once a year, we come together as a club to nominate individuals for Board positions for the upcoming year. At the meeting, you will learn about where the club is headed, and how you can be a part of it. Come join us as we move the club forward. And of course, there will be food and drinks available for purchase - including a $5 Beer Special. After all, we are the Five Borough Bicycle Club... Read more
ELECTION TIME AGAIN— AND WAYS, LARGE AND SMALL, ELECTED AND OTHERWISE, WE CAN ALL SUPPORT OUR CLUB!!!! In telling you a bit about the elected and non-elected positions in the Club, I wanted to talk firstly, more generally, about how, giving a little bit of your time in various ways helps keep our Club going and strong. Concerning Board and Coordinator positions—detailed far below—we (the... Read more
Come visit the 5BBC table at Summer Streets on August 2, 9, and 16 from 7am - 1pm! Located at Park Avenue, near 24th Street. Subways N, R, 6 to 23rd Street. On three consecutive Saturdays in August, nearly seven miles of NYC's streets are opened for people to play, run, walk and bike. Summer Streets provides space for healthy recreation and encourages New Yorkers to use more sustainable forms of... Read more
This week - Mother Nature is smiling upon us. Harlem Rides - Uptown Sights is a go. This ride starts in Central Park at 110 and Lennox and ends at the 5BBC Summer Streets table on Park Ave. Along the way, we ride on Harlem Bike Lanes and pass many architectural gems including: Astor and Strivers Row, The Jumel Mansion, Grants Tomb and more. The ride is 30 miles and is moderate pace. There... Read more


by David Meltzer
Whether on a club ride, or traveling around town on your own, the 5BBC seeks to be a proponent of safe cycling. The City of New York has embarked on an ambitious plan to eliminate pedestrian and cyclist injuries and death. This quest is called Vision Zero. Here is what we can due to make this goal a reality. I. Your Bike Motor vehicles have to have their vehicles inspected once a year.... Read more
by Allan Friedman
In partnership with Bike New York (BNY), Bob Castro who liaisons between the 5BBC and them (among other things), we are trying to drive new membership and new riders in NYC, by supporting the "Bike Path Cruise Rides". The idea here is to lead really easy rides ( a la Happy Face only perhaps even easier) to help people who are nervous about riding the streets of New York overcome their fears and... Read more
by Liz Baum
As my many years of being a member of the board come to a close by choice, I wish all the present members of the board great success. We are always looking for and need more help. We need more of you to become leaders, more of you to write blurbs, take pictures and read our website. We encourage all of you to buy our SWAG and when our new jerseys come out to help support out club by buying them... Read more

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