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We'd like your input on our annual holiday party

by Allan Friedman

Every year, on average, 10-15% of our membership attends the 5BBC Holiday Party. Typically, it's held early in December and kicks off the holiday season. Any event in our club that regularly generates more than 75 attendees, is an important tradition. The board would like your feedback on past parties you might have attended. Whether or not you have ever attended, we'd like to know your views on... Read more

Cycling the Erie Canal Tour 2014

by Sharon Behnke

  OK, this is just a week in my life on the Erie Canal, but it was a tour that had significance in many stages of my life.  Participating in the New York Parks and Trails "Bicycling the Erie Canal" was an event I had been considering for several years.  Many of my cycling friends had done it in past years.  It was not for the faint of heart since it was 400 miles in 8 days with no day of rest... Read more

A Guide to Cold Weather Riding

by David Meltzer

The days are shorter, the temperatures are colder, and one's concentration goes to the holidays.  For many, this means that it is time to hang the bike up on the wall - to be taken out next spring.  But...there are those among us who not only ride all winter, but actually enjoy it.  There is something very satisfying about going outside and conquering the elements. Here is a guide for those who... Read more

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