Do you enjoy interacting with people, exploring and creating new bike routes, promoting bicycling? Want to see more of a certain type of ride? And, do you want a great way to give back to the Club and the bicycling community? Then becoming a 5BBC Bike Leader is for you. Look in Member Info then Leadership Training or follow this link for all the details.... Read more

Ask your NYC Council Member to support Resolution 1072-2016. Co-sponsored by Transportation Chair Ydanis Rodriguez and CM Costa Constantinides,1072-2016 calls upon the Port Authority to widen the GWB paths as part of the upcoming recabling. And if they already support the resolution, thank them! Share this with your mailing list and on your social media! – To find your local Council Member, click... Read more

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A list of things that have made it into the 5BBC weekly e-mail

by Allan Friedman

  Help find opportunities to promote 5BBCLike this one at RXR in ManhattanWe had RXR approach us via with an opportunity during lunch hour to have a table in their lobby at 340 Madison for two hours over lunch. They have a bike room for 100 bikes; 5000 tenants and I had time at lunch. Citibike was next door and Bike NY sent some paperwork as they could not make it. But in the end... Read more

June 2016

by Shawn Carney

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the five cyclists killed and four seriously injured by a suspected drunk driver earlier this week on a club ride in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We are all one cycling community and any loss is a loss to all of us.  John Lindemayer, Executive Director of the League of Michigan Bicyclists, released the following statement, “We are grateful that the driver was... Read more

by David MEL Meltzer

by David Meltzer

Friday 6:30 AM and the riders start accumulating next to the House that Ruth Built in the Bronx. Front wheels come off, and the bikes are loaded in the bays. After driving through a misty rain, the skies cleared up as we crossed customs into Canada. About a third of the group are returnees – and the rest are newbies. We are all excited. After arriving at Ruby Foos, we reassembled the bikes, put... Read more

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