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Hey 5BBCers - I know that we are still riding in shorts, but the date for the Holiday Party is set. WHEN: December 6, 2014 TIME: After Dark WHERE: Dinosaur BBQ - Harlem We are still working out details such as the price and how to have less snowfall this year - BUT SAVE THE DATE.
As usual - the 5BBC will be providing marshals for the TA Century. Please visit the 5BBC Facebook page and log in what ride you are doing and where you are starting from. Marshaling is more fun when you do it with a friend. And remember - we have a table in Central Park at the end of the ride. Volunteer to work the table, or stop by and say hello. Have a great Century Ride - whatever mileage... Read more
This past weekend- I joined Phil and Ted on a ride to the Aviation Museum in Long Island. We had a newbie, and some real old timers , on the ride we had many years of leadership over 50 between Ted and Phil. The ride was leisurely, and well shaded. This was Phil 25 anniversary as a Ride Leader, and he shared his history of years gone by, and his beloved Mets. Ted who was recently seen at... Read more
New jerseys are going to be available soon! We're taking pre-orders now, so if you are interested in purchasing this jersey, please let us know. It will help us to gauge how many to order and help us to drive the price down. Email info@5bbc.org and please include: the number of jerseys you are interested in the gender/size of each jersey your name and email address There is a better copy... Read more


by Geoffrey Cohen
As a New York City cyclist, bike commuter, and all around “let’s ride everywhere” kind of person, I regularly enjoy, while riding cross town, the mystery of wandering bike lanes that seem to move, without rhyme or reason, from one side of the street to the other, and then back again, as if simply restless and seeking a different view.  I think about this conundrum.   I also think about my deeply... Read more
by Mark Guralnick
Every year, my wife, Joanne, and I use our vacation time to do what we love to do most… ride our bikes. We have taken about twenty bike tour vacations over the years with three different companies. We have traveled to Hawaii, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Slovenia, Austria and that doesn’t include our tours in the continental US. Why do I think of these trips as... Read more
by David Meltzer
Whether on a club ride, or traveling around town on your own, the 5BBC seeks to be a proponent of safe cycling. The City of New York has embarked on an ambitious plan to eliminate pedestrian and cyclist injuries and death. This quest is called Vision Zero. Here is what we can due to make this goal a reality. I. Your Bike Motor vehicles have to have their vehicles inspected once a year.... Read more

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